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Exhibition – Rebellious Nature – Justin Feuerring

Justin Feuerring will be showcasing his works across two shows in Sydney and Melbourne.   ‘Rebellious Nature’  will enforce Feuerring’s stance as a relative king of mixed media, packing a proverbial hadouken of comtemporary art styles. Be prepared for lightboxes, hand etched styrofoam, and graffiti-scapes, we’re told. Awesome.
The show will also exclusively feature Feuerring’s collaborative work with Melbourne street artist Miss Riz.
Justin’s Melbourne show will be held at Rtist Gallery on October 27th, followed by a stint at Global Gallery in Sydney on Nov 2nd.
What: Rebellious Nature
Where: Rtist Gallery, 29 St Edmonds Rd Prahran
When: 27th October 6pm
Check out Justin Feuerrings website as well as Rtist Gallery for more info!
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Exhibition/Conference – Analogue Digital – Gold Coast

For those of you who don’t affiliate the Sunshine State with all much creativity, you’ve probably been eating your words in this past year.

This October the 21st, Ananlogue/Digital Gold Coast will be calling upon six of the finest creative minds in this great land to expose their inner most secrets and help YOU crack it in the big league.  So, if hearing the industry know-hows of creative directors, DJs and celebrated fashion photographers is your caper, we suggest you get your tickets to this event asap.

As of 6pm on the 21st, you ‘ll be heading  to the Retrospect X A/D Exhibition which will host works from key speakers from the event, you can also chat to them yourselves over a beer, maybe getting yourself a foot in the proverbial door.  How does that sound?

… and did we mention the well stocked after party at Elsewhere Bar, once you’ve soaked up all the creative inspiration you need? A/D speaker Angus Gruzman AKA Gus Da Hood Rat will be in full force, dishing out his buzz starting breed of ear dazzling mash ups. Aaaaw Yeah.

We’re a bit miffed we’re stuck in Melbourne for this, but hey, we can’t have all the fun.

Who:  Analogue Digital Creative Conference, Gold Coast
What: Conference/Exhibition/Afterparty
Where: BC & C Cinemas, Robina Town Centre, Arbour Lane Robina
When: 21st October, 2011, Conference 9am-6pm, Afterparty/Exhibition 6pm

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Exhibition – One Moment Please – Mark Whelan – Sydney

Mark Whelan, aka “Kill Pixie” will descend upon Gallery As this Thursday, for the opening of his show "One Moment Please", an exhibition of signature works from a man who commands artistic kudos on a seismic scale. The night will also kick off the Sydney launch of Whelan’s book of works, ‘Human Development’.

Los Angeles based Whelan will offer you an insight into his unique style, and as always, he will blur any distinction you once had between street and gallery art, quietly providing you with his brand of intriguing entertainment along the way.

Who: Mark Whalen
What: Kill Pixie – A new exhibition of small paintings
Where: Gallery A.S, 80 commonwealth St, Surry Hills (Sydney).
When: Opens 6th October

Check out the Kill Pixie and Gallery A.S websites for more info.

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Exhibition – Terrarium – QLD

Technology and nature are not often seen as mutually exclusive, but not so for Michael Candy and Kitty Horton.  Each have have delved deep into their inner artiste to give us Terrarium, a uniquely themed show that blends ideas of botany, nature and modern science through a range of different media.

The show will open October 1st (THIS SATURDAY) at the notoriously chic LoveLove Studio in Brisbane, and will run right up until the 23rd.

Get in touch with nature…and a bit of technology.  Go on – do it.

Kitty Horton & MIchael Candy
What: Terrarium
Where: Love Love Studio, 27 Florence Street, Newstead
When: 1st October 6pm, show runs to the 23rd of October

Check out Kitty Horton & MIchael Candys websites for more info.

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Exhibition – For Walls Closing Exhibition – Melbourne

Over the last year and a half, For Walls has delivered more than twenty shows, hosting works from some of the best of Australias creative talent. Acting as a gallery space within one of Melbourne’s much loved venues, Miss Libertine, For Walls offered a unique gallery experience without charging a mother flippin’ fortune for works displayed. Alas, like all things that are just too damn good, there has come a time when the good times wrap up. For Walls maybe be closing it’s doors, but before it does, it is putting on a show of epic proportions.

So, like all of us here at Invurt, stuff your wallets with whatever you have and head down to Miss Libertine on the 5th October to make a toast to a creative space that’s served us remarkably well.

Beer, art and beats, what more do you want, people? If you don’t go to this one folks, you’ll be the one that misses out FOREVER. See you there!

Who: Pheelix, Ghetto Kitty, GUZ, HAHA, Glyph,
Nicole Tattersall, Megan Dell , Sarah Beetson, Ollie Lucas
Matt Grant , Elizabeth Lugg, Thomas Delohery, Aubrey Rhodes,
Heesco, Lani Siow, Ben Millar and Liddlewing
What: For Walls Closing Exhibition
Where: Miss Libertine, 34 Franklin St, Melbourne
When:  Opening night is Wednesday October 5th from 6-8pmShow runs until October 28th, open daily from 12-7pm
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Interview – Kara Gillett

Kara Gillett probably wouldn’t say that she’s a tough cookie, but even putting her alter ego, ‘Space Girl’ aside, we think she is.  Deciding somewhere amidst studying fashion design that all she really wanted to do was adorn canvases with colour and pop art inspired caricatures, Kara has been thrashing it out art in the big kid’s art world ever since, and with some good results.

Her feminine subjects often depict a sense of super hero strength (not to mention bangin’ bodies that would put wonder woman to shame), but they also ellude to deeper sense of human resilience, and the idea of the ‘alter ego’. Kara describes her characters as “an outlet for the extraordinary” – from which she adds a kind of visual moniker of who she’s always wanted to be. 

Invurt had a quick chat to Kara about her recent collaboration with Nish Cash, in the aptly named exhibition AlterEgo – a show in which she sol d out the majority of her work (theres one left, see the image down the bottom!) – and, she also explained to us how she came about creating her work in the first place …



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Interview – Ryan McGennisken

Even if you aren’t privy to an artistic imagination, Ryan McGennisken works will gladly share their dreamy realities with you. 
The product of an innate preoccupation with adventure and untainted childlike sensibilities, Ryan’s work has a surreal, wistful quality that packs a whole lot of WOW … and these days, there aint nothin’ elementary about this guy’s illustrative skills. 
With a touch of the pastoral, and a profound disconnect with the nine-to-five world, Ryan’s works navigate you to a darker yet strangely comforting place.   Earthly hues, watercolour and ink create a space for his characters, some human, others not so, that conjoin in an amazingly beautiful dreamscape.
When Invurt chatted to Ryan about his work, and his highly anticipated upcoming shows, he made it sound like all it takes to produce brilliant illustrations is a lifetime of adventure, countless hours drawing on every surface imaginable, as well as the knack of being an effortlessly cool kinda guy. Not hard, really…

ryan_mcgennisken_invurt_4_SML (Medium) (more…)

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Exhibition – Love Street Bandits – NSW

We love the sound of this one! Love Street Bandits is pitched as a "Collective effort of a years worth of partying, painting and piracy" – which we assume is probably quite relevant to a lot of you.

Bringing together some of Brisbane’s and Sydney’s finest, the show will be a celebration of range of different graffiti styles, with some exceptionally rad results. Sofles, Fintan Magee & Scott Marsh will descend upon the studio walls of Lo-Fi this June, 2nd at 6pm.

Be sure to check it out.

Who: Sofles, Fintan Magee & Scott Marsh
What: Love Street Bandits
Where: Lo-Fi Collective, Floor 3, 383 Bourke St, Surry Hills, NSW
When: Show opens Thursday 2nd June, at 6pm.

Check out the Lo-Fi Gallery website as well as the facebook event page for more info.

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Interview – Fibre Femmes – Suki


For all of you out there who think Suki (pronounced Su-key) is take off of a vampire loving; southern belle from the HBO series, True Blood, you’re all wrong; Melbourne’s Suki is a lot less two-dimensional, and a whole lot more interesting.

Representative of the trend towards minimally coloured past-ups, Suki’s work is, noticeably, the product of both artistic skill and a dreamy imagination. Like many of her street artist contemporaries, Suki’s pieces garner attention not just because they are striking, but because they are so recognisably hers. Feminine contours, floating clouds and the mysterious pig-tailed woman with the fan … if you haven’t seen her work yet, open your god damn eyes!

Soon to strut her creative stuff with the all female street artist collaborative, Fibre Femmes, in Prahran’s new Surface Pop Gallery, Suki recently lent us some of her precious studio time for this second part of our week long special feature …

DSC_0261 (Medium)


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Interview – Bennett

You know what I like about Bennett? He tells tells it like it is.  There’s no pretext,  no artistic pretension, just a guy who can create art and wants you to visualise it on your own terms. 

His latest show "ORANGES & LEMONS" named in reference to a nursery rhyme whose central theme is that "the most subtle and smallest difference can create or result in a much bigger outcome" opens on Thursday May 19th from 6pm at Oh Really Gallery in Newtown, Sydney.

Bennett has a talent for re-contextualising everyday objects you or I may struggle to even notice – and, using textured layering and a liberal attitude towards colour, his work is able to make even the most discerning visual connoisseur stand up and take notice.

Get it? No? Then think deeper, because, really, that’s what Bennett’s all about …

IMG_4674 (Medium)


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