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Exhibition – Dreaming with open eyes – Melbourne

Monday night at Vic Bar in Melbourne, Barney Stonier will be exhibiting his solo show “Dreaming with open eyes”.

“An exhibition, which is inspired through a conscious representation of Barney’s passion, dreams and experiences, translated into a series of limited prints.”

Have a look see for yourself, as it looks pretty sweet!

Who: Barney Stonier
What: Dreaming with eyes open – Solo Show
Where: Vic Bar – 281 Victoria Street, Melbourne
When: Opening night Monday 7th November 5pm. Show runs til 4th December 2011

Check the Facebook page for more details

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Outpost Project – Urban Uprising – Sydney

The Outpost Project opens tomorrow and amongst all the glitz and art glamour Urban Uprising rises.

Urban Uprising Gallery is hosting a pop up gallery at the festival featuring limited edition prints and works by Meggs, Deb, Justin Fueurring, Heesco Cut Collective, Vexta and the Concrete and Resin Sculptures by Will Coles (pictured below).

“Urban Uprising gallery has Australia’s largest selection of international and Australian street and outsider art. All items will  be on sale and prices are being kept especially LOW for the festival. As mentioned the SPECIAL editions are limited and wont last long.”

Just another integral site to see at the already pumped up festival.

Some of our Invurt cats and cholos have already hit Sydney so now its your turn.

Who: Meggs, Rone, Shannon Crees, Vexta, Deb, Marsha 2026, Laz, Justin Fueurring, Palmer, K-Guy, Heesco, STYLO, Will Coles, Cut Collective and more
What: Urban Uprising Pop Up Gallery
Where: Outpost Project – Cockatoo Island, Sydney
When: Friday 4th November – 10th December 2011

Check the Facebook Page and Website for more info, as well as our Outpost Project Rough Guide and our Outpost feed.

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Outpost Project – Project Ugly – Sydney

Despite their name sake’s view point (a local old lady said of the first display work “that’s ugly”) there is most definitely nothing of the uncomely in the work of Project Ugly .

Tony Kenny and David Leach, the founders, began this endeavour to aid emerging Australian artists in legally showcasing their talent and have acquired Curator, local artist Daniel “Ears” O’Toole to put on an awesome “take that!” to the nay-sayers of street art.

The project takes to the canvas of a commercial billboard, and uses this unexpected medium to shine a light on the integrity and positivity of the street art culture – advertising space that we actually WANT to see be filled! YAY!

This outdoor exhibition and live art event is a “collaboration of big business (Look Print) and small business (a grass roots art gallery called ‘Oh Really Gallery‘). Oh Really was one of the few artist run spaces in Sydney to support the street art culture and connected with many of the most talented street artists from around Australia. When such artists come to town, Project Ugly is one of the few accessible platforms on offer for such artists to paint at no expense to themselves.”

With Brisbane’s Shida and NZ original Mr Sprinkles completing the final panels live, the Project (which we should now dub Project Awesome!) will surely achieve creative kudos, as those billboards will beckon many to rearrange their regressed views on Sydney street art.

Who: Daniel O’Toole (Ears), Mr Sprinkels, Shida
What: Project Ugly
Where: Outpost Project – Cockatoo Island, Sydney
When: Saturday 5th – Sunday 6th November 10am-5pm

Check out the Outpost site for more details.

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Outpost Project – Australian Stencil Art Prize – Sydney

Congrats to all finalists of the Australian Stencil Art Prize, as a part of Outpost Project on Cockatoo Island this coming weekend!

Back in 2008, the Australian Stencil Art Prize was born from a simple idea – the desire to put a spotlight on the amazing calibre of Stencil artists – and it has now transformed in three short years to a fundamental piece of Australian street art culture.

The aim of the prize, is, simply, to recognise, reward and archive stencil artists and stencil art itself, as an “art-form in its own right”.

Director Jacinta Walpole, who has a long running background in community projects, and local artist Nicholas Fintan, curator and coordinator, have worked diligently on the Art Prize to reach the height it has and have definitely created a superior sincere artistic contest. And an integral component of the Outpost Project this year.

After last years winner, E.L.K. took out the title with an incredible piece, we welcome this years the finalists to the festival and await anxiously for the winner to be revealed on Saturday! Stay Tuned!


Who: 23rd Key, Adam Obscene, BAT, Boo, dale, Danny Guinsberg, Deakz, Earwig, El Lobo, FUKT, Gabriella Szablewska, Giselle Barron, Harry Warne, Jared Gibson, Jason McLeod, Jay Medlen, Jessica Row, Jimmy Neilly, Joshua Smith, Jak Rapmund, Justin Gamsworthy, Karen Torrisi, Katherine Jukes, Lorenzo Fontana, Aarron James McGarry, Michael Duncan, Miss Link, MR.SWEET, Ms. Slice, Nick Hore, Nigel Sense, PAWA, Pixel P, Poncho Army, Ralf Kempken, Robyn Cross, Shanta, Skallywag, TERRIBLEHORRIBLE, Teschi, and Veronica O’Leary.
What: The Australian Arts Stencil Prize 2011
Where: Outpost Project – Cockatoo Island, Sydney
When: Saturday 5th November 2-5pm

Check the Facebook Page for this event and the Outpost Project website for all festival info

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Outpost Project – The Pay Office – Sydney

This urban art festival has everything … even a lil library!
I know, right?!

For those who want to take a breather from the unstoppable force that is the Outpost Project, yet still remain within it, The Pay Office reading room is for you!

This Zinesters dream is an interactive installation of enticing zine action, where you can take a seat and have a read…but wait there’s more! The Outpost peeps have invited all to add their mags and rags to the pile, periodicals to the pedestal. Free press? We approve!

So drop by to see, drop in for a read and drop off a copy of your latest – if you please!

Who: Avid readers and Zine makers
What: The Pay Office reading room and Outpost zine library
Where: Outpost Project – Cockatoo Island, Sydney
When: Monday – Thursdays: 10am – 5pm, Fridays: 10am – 8pm, Saturdays – Sundays: 10am – 5pm

Check out the Outpost Project website for more info.

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Outpost Project – Oi! You! Collection – Feat. Banksy – Sydney

Yes you heard right. The Big Brand, The Can’t-Stop Can, The Unseen Man. Banksy!… and Swoon! Faile! David Choe and more!

“The Bad Artists Imitate, The Great Artists Steal” and Banksy surely steals…the stage, where ever he goes!

Now his work comes to Cockatoo Island for Outpost Project, along with many other fine fresh street artists, in the form of the “Oi You! Collection" (Co-Owned by George Shaw).

This will be the first time the Oi You! Collection has been outside of New Zealand. With twenty three pieces adorning the makeshift walls on the island  Banksy and a whole heap of other talented artists – Swoon, David Choe, Os Gemeos and more present highly original and rare pieces of artwork in this extraordinary collection.

What an exhibition it’ll be too – so many names and so much experience and differing styles, it should be interesting to see it all up together. With mediums ranging from photography and film to stencil, paste-ups and graffiti, this exhibition is a plentiful bounty.

This is one of those moments you bless yourself for being here in Oz, and thank the Gods of Street Art for sending these seminal artists works to Sydney!!!

Who: Banksy, Swoon, Antony Micallef, Faile, David Choe, Os Gemeos, Paul Insect, Adam Neate, Judith Supine, D*Face, Bast, Phil Frost, Evan Hecox, Henry Chalfont, Mike Mills, Ryan McGinness and Cheryl Dunn
What: Oi You! Collection
Where: Outpost Project – Cockatoo Island, Sydney
When:4th November – 11 December 2011

Check out more info about Oi You! and its dealings on their Facebook Page – also check out the Outpost Project Link for a more detailed break down of exhibitors!

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Outpost Project – NEXT Exhibition – Sydney

What is painted is external, what is inspired is internal, what is worn is the package it all comes in, you are what you paint, and you are what you wear. The threads that adorn graffiti artists, skaters and street artists today are as well documented as they themselves are, and in turn emulate as much freshness and style as the art they create.

A world first at Outpost Project, curated by Eddie Zammit and presented by T-world and aMBUSH Gallery, comes this monumental T-shirt graphics exhibition – the likes of which have never been seen in Australiasia.

“Within the steep steel structure and brick-walled confines of the "Heavy Machine Shop" lies NEXT, nestled in a core of cotton.”

Over twenty local and international artists and designers from all corners of the market will be interpreting their envisioned future of T-shirt graphics, by creating original and one-off T-shirt art. This plus a display of over 1,500 T-shirts from the dopest brands around town flauntin their style? Holy …

“Throughout its evolution, street art has taken on many forms and mediums. However, it is arguably street fashion in which it finds its most natural progression from the static streets into walking works of art. NEXT is an excision and examination into the heart and soul of one of the most influential and vibrant subcultures – T-shirt culture.

With the impressive credentials of being founder, owner and editor of the world’s only T-shirt journal, Eddie Zammit, reflecting his devout passion for the T-shirt medium (for the record, he owns 2,300 plus T-shirts personally…), the exhibition is in capable hands. This is the physical culmination of the subculture he loves. "Let’s not dismiss street wear as a T-shirt category, let’s explore its evolution," Zammit says. This exhibition is at once a retrospective and gaze to the future: a time capsule, of sorts, for the humble T-shirt and its marriage to Street Art.”

If you are a dude or dudette who love them some sweet street duds then this is for you – and it looks incredible.

Dress tight and get down!

Ambush Gallery and T-world
What: NEXT -  T-shirts exhibition
Where: Outpost Project – Cockatoo Island, Sydney
When: 4th November – 11th December

Also check Outpost Website for more details, as well as T-world and aMBUSH Gallery.

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Outpost Project – Outpost Forums – Sydney

Art Series Hotels, one of the sponsors of the Outpost Project  along side the National Gallery of Australia, will be hosting a series of topical forums consisting of panel discussions on the many varying issues facing Street Art today.

Art Series Hotels Group who are led by “young gun property developer and art collector” Will Deague has created boutique hotels inspired by Australian artists.

“The hotels embody the artist’s individual style and characteristics. As well as a comfortable sleep the really exciting concept brings art to people in a very accessible way and dovetails perfectly into Melbourne culture.”

“Having hosted panel discussions in the past, Art Series Hotels value the opportunity to open the lines of communication within the arts. To have open discussion and to share knowledge, breaking down silos and getting people active in the communities that surround them, is the way we can move forward.”

With titles like those below it’s not difficult to see the depth of conversation that will surely be delved into during the festival.

The Art Market for Street Art and How To Collect – “Are all street artists looking for commercial acceptance? Does the increased value of street art pose a risk to works being ‘stolen’ from the street or misappropriated?”

The Politics of Street Art – “When there is no expectation to sell a work, and your anonymity is assured, should we expect more political commentary than we currently get?”

The Future of Street Art, Documentation vs Ephemeral – “Without proper documentation (pictures, videos, web,) street art would only exist in a temporary space. One day a piece is there, the next day it’s gone, and without proper documentation there would be fewer people to know about it. Is user generated content a good outcome for street art, and its creators?”

Invurt have been pretty happy to have helped out ArtSeries with some of their many activities planned on the island for the Outpost Project, and we’re really looking forward to these. So if you want to get a ‘lil insightful and watch these artists and art lovers show off their intellectual prowess then please step into and take part in, what will definitely be, fantastic forums of the outstanding Outpost! It’s your chance to meet ‘n greet and sit ‘n share with the people who really do care, about all that is Australian Street Art!

Who: Discussion panel speakers including Project featured artists
What: Art Series & NGA Outpost Forums
Where: Outpost Project – Cockatoo Island, Sydney

The Art Market for Street Art and how to collect – Sunday 6th November 3- 4pm

The Politics of Street Art – Sunday 13th November 3- 4pm

The Future of Street Art, Documentation vs Ephemeral – Sunday 20th November 3- 4pm

For a more in depth look at the forums click on to Art Series site and Outpost’s site for all festival info!

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Exhibition – Anthony Lister – Bogan Paradise -Sydney

Mister Lister is back and bogan as ever with the exhibition “Bogan Paradise” – presented by Gallery Sydney this Friday.

Anthony Lister is an artist that all of us are fond of. Locally born and now living in NYC,  Lister is known for his crazy cool art antics (yes we are talking about the abductions!) and marvelous mixed media gallery works which have garnered him a pretty nice, and well deserved, name in the street art scene.

As we gathered from our brief chat with Lister around this time last year, and having followed him for some time, one thing always stands out – that the man is an artist who engages with the viewer effortlessly, and whose use of mixed media and evolving styles continuously appeals to a broad range of audiences all over the globe.

Though he has been a New York based artist for the last seven or so years, Lister is always the Aussie homeboy, and is frequently back here visiting, you see that home has never left the heart in his latest collection – just check the title.

These funky characters full of colour and versatility show a skewed but, when investigated, totally right on view of the outside world. With paintings, sculpture, site-specific installations and performance making up the collection, Bogans Paradise will be just that, a paradise of art.

Get to the gallery to check it out . The opening night is invite only so to register your interest email:  – and don’t forget that Lister is featured, along with loads more artists, at the Outpost Project on Cockatoo Island for the next month so get into that too!

Who: Anthony Lister
What: Bogan Paradise – New Works Solo Exhibition
Where: Gallery A.S. – 779 George Street, Sydney
When: Private Reception – Friday 4th November 2011

Check out Listers website here.

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Exhibition & Charity Event – IHART – Perth

Charity events always warm the cockles of the heart don’t they and specially ones that also warm the feet! IHART is a charity sneaker exhibition being held at The Claremont Hotel’s Grey Door Gallery in Perth, with all proceeds heading to the Heart Foundation, of course!

With twenty painted converse, thirty skateboards, thirty limited edition A2 prints and three one off canvas prints, all by local artists, up for grabs charity won’t be the only winner here, if you can snap something up for yo’ self!

Rock up have a gander and strut out with a new pair of chucks and a fresh piece taboot – or just appreciate and then maybe donate to the heart foundation. Which ever you choose you will be cooler for it!

Who: Bunch of local artists .. names coming soon!
What: IHART – Charity Exhibition
Where: Grey Door Gallery – Claremont Hotel, Perth WA
When: Friday 4th November 2011 – 7:30pm

Check out the Facebook page for more info.
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