Invurt is an online webzine providing information on street, urban, illustrative and  genre defying, nu-contemporary art to readers around the world. It specialises in events and artists who are working, displaying and visiting Australasia –  particularly with a focus on exhibitions the artists are partaking in. We are a no fuss, no muss blog with an attention to two specific details – who are the artists, and what they are doing. We believe that this approach to covering artists and exhibitions allows a detailed view of what is happening in Australasia, within the community we love.

Drawing on an extensive background and a passion for art, Invurt hopes to provide comprehensive coverage of both established and upcoming Australian, and visiting,  artists making their way through the creative world. We try to provide an eclectic, thoughtful look at the interactions between art and modern culture, and to document the various artists who comprise the new movements in creative expression that is emerging around us.

The Invurt team is a group of like-minded individuals who do this for the love of it all, channelling their passion for art into what you see here on these pages. The team consists of:

Facter, Editor In Chief – [email protected]

For over a decade, Facter cut his teeth writing for publications such as Xpress, Drum, Inpress and Knowledge mag, as well as having a plethora of other music publication work, copy and creative fiction to his name. Drawing on his years of writing experience, and as an artist himself and with a passion for street art and graffiti since the early 90s, he has now applied his skills to seeking out the varied artists and art related events found across Australasia.

Facter founded Invurt with the aim of promoting artistic events, and the established and emerging Australasian urban, street, illustrative and low brow artists that partake in them – it’s his passion, and he’s sticking with it. For more information on Facter, check out Irikanji, and his articles.

Editorial Team:

Luke McManus – Managing Editor/Editor AU & NZ

David Russell – Photographer (Melbourne)

TMB – Correspondent/SE Asia

Dcat – Photography & Video (Melbourne)

Sam Goreki – Perth Correspondent

Dean Sunshine – Contributor

If you’d like to join the Invurt team, just contact us.


Privacy & Information

Invurt respects the right to privacy of all artists both interviewed and covered on this website. No direct contact details for any artists reported on on this website will be provided to any enquiries. We will, however, pass on any such enquiries – at our discretion.

Unless otherwise stated, Invurt does not represent any of the artists, exhibitions, galleries, organisations or individuals which may be posted to or referred to on this website.

The opinions of both artists, interviewers, media releases and other such information on this website is not representative of the opinions of Invurt.

Invurt does not condone nor encourage illegal art practices. We do believe in the right to freedom of expression for all artists and individuals, and, as such, will report on artistic practices, at our discretion, as a part of our ongoing documentation of the Australian and NZ graffiti and street art movement.

The artwork displayed on this website is, entirely, copyrighted by the artists producing it.

Reprinting, redistribution, reposting and syndication of content on this website must be applied for and permission granted to, by both Invurt, and, where required, the artists or copyright holders of artwork, images, photographs or other published information. All written article content, excluding media release information  and artist held copyright material, is copyright, Invurt.

ALL editorial content is at our discretion.

Content 0n this website is archived in the National Library Of Australia Pandora archives.