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Sunshines Top 10 Melbourne Graffiti & Street Art – January 2017

Well, its the new year, and it’s already February! How did that time pass so quickly? As always, we have another collection this month from the man himself, Dean Sunshine, of all the rad work he’s seen up on Melbournes walls in the past month. For a while bunch of cool shit, just check it out below – already looking forward to next months set! 1. SHIDA – Melbourne 2. DSCREET – Collingwood 3. CAPTAIN KRIS – Sunshine Lane, Brunswick 4. CARATOES & JARUS – Coburg 5. RONE – Coburg 6. MAYONAIZE – Fitzroy 7. VEXTA & ELLE – Melbourne

Through The Lens January 2017- David Russell Photography

Welcome to 2017 and my first Through The Lens post of the year, I thought what better than to start the year with a dope selection of  some of Melbourne’s finest graffiti. This year already looks to be an amazing year of street art and graffiti, I can’t wait to capture it with my lens and share it with the rest of the world. I already know of some pretty talented artists from around the globe who will be staining our streets with some pretty amazing aerosol art, you will just have to wait and see what is coming up

Sunshines Melbourne Street Art & Graffiti Top 10 – December 2016

… and we’re back! First post of the year, and what better way to start everything off than with Dean Sunshines picks of all that was rad and cool for the final month of last year, December! This is the 69th edition of Deans Top 10, and this one is just as great as all the rest – lots of talent on display, as we have come to expect every month from the man .. take a look below and check it out! 1. Lush – Sunshine Lane, Brunswick 2. Senekt – Sunshine Lane, Brunswick 3. Caper – Lanes End,

Through The Lens November 2016 – David Russell Photography

The year is almost over and here we are once again showing you just some of the dope art that went down in the month of November. My favourite piece would have to be Mayo’s addition to the floor at the old lyric theatre where Rone had his exhibition. I am a big fan of Mayo’s work seeing it on this scale was epic and had to be seen to really appreciate the way he executed it. There aren’t too many pics from November so I will make up for a bumper addition next month, so till then stay cool

Sunshines Melbourne Streetart & Graffiti Top 10 – November 2016

Well, here we are. After a tentative step into summer, its cold again here in Melbourne, but the laneways and walls are just as full of people painting as they ever are! Once again, Dean Sunshine was out and about, snapping his pics for all the best things he saw around our fair city over the month of November – and this time, I’ve actually seen some of these pieces since I got home a few weeks ago! Its December already now, and its hitting crazy time already, Im sure there is a lot more left to come for the remainder

Rone – Empty – Scann3D/VR

After seeing one of the most amazing shows of all time, Rone’s Empty, and knowing the space would soon disappear – I had to introduce Rone to some good friends of mine, the crew at Scann3D.  Using their super high end 360 scanning technology – we spent about 5 hours in the space after the show closed one night scanning the entire show – and after many hours of intense rendering the guys at Scann3D have created this 360 capture of the show.  This technology is like google maps on steroids and is a unique and powerful format to capture

Sunshines Melbourne Street Art & Graffiti Top 10 – October 2016

Its November already, and I’m finally back in Melbourne – and what better way to kick-start things back after my travels than to (belatedly) throw up another fine ass collection of all the best bits of Melbourne street art and graffiti that Dean Sunshine saw over the past month!  These top 10s never disappoint, and there’s always a great cross section of work amongst his monthly picks – so check it all out below!  1. MERDA – Melbourne  2. Bailer – St.Kilda 3. Slicer – Brunswick 4. Makatron + Conrad Bizjak – Melbourne  5. Ethicks – Brunswick 6. Hayden Dewar

Through The Lens October 2016 – David Russell Photography

Join me once again as its that time to see what I saw in the month of October, it was a big month for artist Rone with his exhibition “EMPTY“, man what a show this was exhibited in the old Lyric theatre for the last time before demolition. October also saw “The Art Of Banksy“, exhibition behind Federation square along the train tracks, there was so much controversy surrounding this show. I wasn’t too phased I was just happy to be there with handful of my good mates who’s art featured on the way in to the exhibition, its on

Snapshots – EMPTY – RONE – Lyric Theatre

This show will be talked about long after the metal monsters tear down this beautiful 1920’s theatre that Rone brought back to life, giving Melbourne one last chance to see her in all her beauty. And boy did she shine especially from a photographers point of view, I returned 3 times to capture the amazing space come to life with these incredible shards of light coming through the porthole windows from 3:30 pm. I also loved just watching all the reactions of the bystanders as they walked in and were struck by a 10 metre mural depicting a female over

Snapshots – The Art Of Banksy – The Paddock Federation Square

This is one show that had its fair share of critics “The Art Of Banksy” featuring art purchased by various collectors on display in a faux London street scape. I myself am a big fan as are many are of Banksy’s work as it is what street art was originally about and that is using the street to convey a message about war, hunger, greed, politicians and the list goes on. It was great to see the works up close but something just didn’t feel right, some of the works felt out of place on a clean sterile wall, as

Event – Blender Biennale aka Farewell Franklin St – Melbourne

This is a sad post to write, for many reasons. One of the last bastions for independant art in the Melbourne CBD, Blender Studios, is closing its doors and moving to new digs down in Docklands. For fifteen years, their space at Franklin st supported hundreds of artists from all mediums and materials in their journeys, and now is the time to say a final seeya to the current incarnation with a massive art and market blowout this Wednesday night.

“After fifteen years on Franklin Street, The Blender Studios will be relocating. While bigger and better adventures and challenges await us at our new location, we couldn’t depart our old building without a good old-fashioned send off.

The Blender Biennale will be one of the biggest, most immersive exhibitions we have ever hosted. The entire studio building will be empty and each studio cubicle will offer an unprecedented experience into the depths of each artist’s practice.

Both gallery spaces will also be utilised as well as areas that were previously off-limits to visitors such as storage areas, the stockroom and the second hidden upstairs level.

The Blender Lane Artist markets will operate in the laneway and the exhibition will see you through the night and into the public holiday the following day.

Everyone is welcome to come and celebrate the incredible 15 years we have had, and to reflect on the importance these studios have had to an endless number of artists as well as the wider Australian Arts Scene as a whole.”

Significantly, this final showing and markets also marks the almost-ending of something that has been a part of Melbournes fabric since its very inception almost 182 years ago – of independant artists studios in the actual CBD. Besides the Kings Street ARI, Blender was one of the last – and pretty soon, if Kings (hopefully not) also goes the way of attrocious and unfair rent increases (I’m looking at you, owners of 110 Franklin Street – fuck you) and redevelopment of fancy shit at the price of culture, there wont be a single independant art studio left in the CBD. That 182 years of history of artists actually working in the CBD? Gone. But hey, you have your H&M and brand spanking new Victoria Markets on the way, right?

The only good thing about this is that Doyle and Pia will be launching a new Blender studio down in Docklands – and heres hoping that they inject a bit of artistic life into that stale sack of real estate, just like they did for the past fifteen years down on Franklin street.

So, anyways, it’s the big good bye. If you have ever visted Blender, if you’ve ever heard of it, if you’ve ever, like me, taken it for granted that it’d always be there, then head on down to this on Wednesday night.

See you there – its going to be fucking awesome.


Who: All the blender artists and then some
What: Blender Biennale and Franklin St closing party
Where: 110 Franklin Street, Melbourne 
When: Wednesday 25th January 2017, from 6pm til 11pm



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