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Snapshots – The Light In Us – Isolde – Off The Kerb Gallery

Congratulations to Isolde on her first solo exhibition at the iconic Off The Kerb gallery in Collingwood, run by the ever busy and beautiful Shini. I would have to say the work of Isolde would definitely be some of my favourite paste ups I have seen on the streets of Melbourne, in her many art covered lanes. Isolde’s work always stood out, her powerful images amongst the rust and ruin of some grungy laneway, this is where her work shines. For those that couldn’t make it down to Off The Kerb, I managed to garb some photos while having my

Sunshines Top 10 Melbourne Graffiti & Street Art – February 2017

Well, by now you know the drill! After several years, each time we do one of Dean Sunshines Top 10s of Melbourne street art and graffiti, we see work that is even better and better hitting our streets. This time around, he’s pulled some fantastic pieces together for this one, and looking through it .. well, all I can say is that I really love Melbourne summers!! Check them all out below!! 1. Vexta + ELLE – Collingwood 2. Kaffeine – North melbourne 3. Lucy Lucy + Ola Volo – Fitzroy 4. Ling – Collingwood 5. Phibs – Fitzroy  6.

Snapshots – Make Your Self At Home – GOODIE – Juddy Roller

Congratulation to my good friend and all round beautiful soul “GOODIE”, as she put up her first solo show at Juddy Roller a few weeks back. I feel these works gave you a little insight in to the mind of the artist, you always take a risk when you expose yourself like this, I think she executed it well. It’s always refreshing to see what the artists come up with in the Juddy Roller space, especially when there is and has been so much talent pass through those doors. So for those that couldn’t make it to the show here

Through The Lens February 2017 – David Russell Photography

Welcome again to another look back at some of the amazing art by some very talented Melbourne artists, who consistently keep churning out some impressive works of art. Im always impressed at the constantly evolving styles especially by the graffiti community, forever pushing their craft to new heights. Melbourne also has a great line up of exhibitions usually every week there is something on, sometimes up to 3-4 shows in one night, with galleries like Backwoods, BSIDE, Juddy Roller and Off The Kerb just to name a few. Oh well guys until next month stay cool and get out and

Sunshines Top 10 Melbourne Graffiti & Street Art – January 2017

Well, its the new year, and it’s already February! How did that time pass so quickly? As always, we have another collection this month from the man himself, Dean Sunshine, of all the rad work he’s seen up on Melbournes walls in the past month. For a while bunch of cool shit, just check it out below – already looking forward to next months set! 1. SHIDA – Melbourne 2. DSCREET – Collingwood 3. CAPTAIN KRIS – Sunshine Lane, Brunswick 4. CARATOES & JARUS – Coburg 5. RONE – Coburg 6. MAYONAIZE – Fitzroy 7. VEXTA & ELLE – Melbourne

Through The Lens January 2017- David Russell Photography

Welcome to 2017 and my first Through The Lens post of the year, I thought what better than to start the year with a dope selection of  some of Melbourne’s finest graffiti. This year already looks to be an amazing year of street art and graffiti, I can’t wait to capture it with my lens and share it with the rest of the world. I already know of some pretty talented artists from around the globe who will be staining our streets with some pretty amazing aerosol art, you will just have to wait and see what is coming up

Sunshines Melbourne Street Art & Graffiti Top 10 – December 2016

… and we’re back! First post of the year, and what better way to start everything off than with Dean Sunshines picks of all that was rad and cool for the final month of last year, December! This is the 69th edition of Deans Top 10, and this one is just as great as all the rest – lots of talent on display, as we have come to expect every month from the man .. take a look below and check it out! 1. Lush – Sunshine Lane, Brunswick 2. Senekt – Sunshine Lane, Brunswick 3. Caper – Lanes End,

Through The Lens November 2016 – David Russell Photography

The year is almost over and here we are once again showing you just some of the dope art that went down in the month of November. My favourite piece would have to be Mayo’s addition to the floor at the old lyric theatre where Rone had his exhibition. I am a big fan of Mayo’s work seeing it on this scale was epic and had to be seen to really appreciate the way he executed it. There aren’t too many pics from November so I will make up for a bumper addition next month, so till then stay cool

Sunshines Melbourne Streetart & Graffiti Top 10 – November 2016

Well, here we are. After a tentative step into summer, its cold again here in Melbourne, but the laneways and walls are just as full of people painting as they ever are! Once again, Dean Sunshine was out and about, snapping his pics for all the best things he saw around our fair city over the month of November – and this time, I’ve actually seen some of these pieces since I got home a few weeks ago! Its December already now, and its hitting crazy time already, Im sure there is a lot more left to come for the remainder

Rone – Empty – Scann3D/VR

After seeing one of the most amazing shows of all time, Rone’s Empty, and knowing the space would soon disappear – I had to introduce Rone to some good friends of mine, the crew at Scann3D.  Using their super high end 360 scanning technology – we spent about 5 hours in the space after the show closed one night scanning the entire show – and after many hours of intense rendering the guys at Scann3D have created this 360 capture of the show.  This technology is like google maps on steroids and is a unique and powerful format to capture

Event – Off The Rails Again – Singapore

Last month saw the first part of the Off The Rails event here in Singapore, a great display of music, food, and, of course, some mad painting across the walls of the infamous Railway Corridor near Buona Vista.

“We’re going Off The Rails Again! with a vibin’, family-friendly and interactive urban party! Artists from across the region bring a heavy dose of live art to the Corridor while psychedelic, reggae and jungle sounds rock the dancefloor. Grit meets glam as Zentai art and tie-dye create an unexpected fashion experience.”

The last event was absolutely off the hook, and more akin to something I’d see in Melbourne or NYC than I’ve expected to see in SG – but then, this is SG 2015, and things have changed here even from just a few years ago – the underground scene is starting to kick! Off The Rails had a really big turn out, and it was a grand adventure of art, music and all the finer things in life.  Check out the video from the last one just to see what I mean …

[vimeo id=”131744504"]

See what I mean? Totally grand. Check out all the info on the artists and how to get there after the flyer (And yeah, I’m painting at this one – can’t fkn wait!!).


Tuyuloveme (ID) – facebook.com/Tuyuloveme
Cath Love (HK) – cathlove.com; Jeliboo.com
Facter (AU) – facebook.com/facter
Slac Satu (SG) – slacsatu.carbonmade.com
Ka’A (SG/FR) – www.kaa.sg
Yuta (SG/JP)

Wobology (Live) – facebook.com/wobology
Lion Steppaz Sound – facebook.com/LionSteppaz
KIAT (Syndicate) – soundcloud.com/kiat

Zentai Art Project – yuzuru.weebly.com
Veja – facebook.com/veja.fairtrade
Hancai – facebook.com/hancaitown
FriDYE – facebook.com/pages/FriDYE
All Cut Up by Elisa Lam

WORKSHOP LINE-UP – stay tuned for more details!
Zentai Art Superhero Workshop (kids & adults – registration required)
All Cut Up t-shirt cutting workshop
Veja art wall and kids chalkboards

Authentic Caribbean food, limited edition rum punch, beers & soft drinks by Lime House. Cash only. No outside food and drinks please!

Viaduct at the junction of North Buona Vista Road and Commonwealth Avenue.
Nearest address: 31 North Buona Vista Road.

By bus:
32, 74, 74E, 91, 95, 100
Commonwealth Avenue, Blk 43. Bus stop no: B11189
Take the stairs down to the carpark and turn left.

By train:
Buona Vista MRT Station Exit B. Cross the road and walk down Commonwealth Avenue towards Holland Ave. At the first bus stop, take the stairs down to the carpark and turn left.

By taxi/car:
Carpark entrance at 31 North Buona Vista Road. Drive to far right corner of carpark.
Alternatively, alight at Food Centre at Block 44 Holland Drive. Walk to the opposite end and continue through the carpark. Entrance is at the far left corner of the carpark.

Connected by Hyphen
An initiative of Noise Singapore
Supported by National Arts Council and Sideshow
Poster design by Tuyuloveme”

Check out the event over at Facebook for more info on the show!!

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