Paint Up – Sofles, Adnate And Smug – At Northland

Sofles and Smug were in town recently, painting the town purple, beige, blue and every colour in between, with their unique styles of hyper rendering and tight detail. The guys were also accompanied by Adnate, the three of them spent four days in the freezing cold, where they each painted amazing portraits but each with such varying composition and    style.

To watch the three artists side by side was a definite highlight of my month, stay tuned as I will be posting their most recent paint up in Fitzroy.

Sofles, Smug, Adnate

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Our man David Russell has been photographing street art and graffiti for several years. As an avid fan, and a lover of all things on walls, Dave is an active member of the crew as well as as an informative source in his position as a tour guide for the world famous Melbourne Street Art Tours. His work in capturing the art of the cities many artists and visitors is his passion, and you can see his photography both on his homepage , as well as here on Invurt.

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    Hey, I’ve got an idea, let’s just post the same photo’s over and over again while the scene carries on and we just ignore it.

    • FacterInvurt

      Actually, you have it wrong. The only other place where all of these photos were originally published were on David Russells website – who was the photographer, these photos and those on his website are the originals. If they’re published elsewhere, they came from either us or Dave, not the other way around. ie anything on those “other websites” came from us and Dave.

      We only publish original sets of photos from photographers that are a part of our crew, not from anywhere else – unless under special circumstances or if its directly from an artist as a part of a show preview etc.

      We dont reposts of photos thats everywhere else, you only have to look through our, now over 10,000, original photos to know that – but its nice to see that these got out there, Daves a great paint spotter =P