Through The Lens With David Russell Photography – July 2014

Well it has been another month filled with mad walls by both graffiti and street artists, from epic paint ups such as the Rose street car park and the south wall at Section 8, featuring the talented Conrad Bizjak and Heesco.

Its not just in Melbourne’s laneways in the CBD where you will find these gems, you only have to travel to suburbs such as Collingwood, Fitzroy, Richmond  Brunswick to find a lot of the work you see in my photos.

So next time you are in the neighbourhood be sure check out some of the incredible art that we are so lucky to be surrounded by.





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Our man David Russell has been photographing street art and graffiti for several years. As an avid fan, and a lover of all things on walls, Dave is an active member of the crew as well as as an informative source in his position as a tour guide for the world famous Melbourne Street Art Tours. His work in capturing the art of the cities many artists and visitors is his passion, and you can see his photography both on his homepage , as well as here on Invurt.

  • Rore Matters

    i’ve been wondering lately if we shouldn’t limit the advertising of our local scene blatantly to the public. I preferred suburbs like Fitzroy and the Woods when they were edgier and less mainstream, not tourist destinations, as they now are. There was always a great influx of international travelers through Melbourne in its underground areas, people that were on the pulse mixed together, creativity generally evolves and thrives in these environments.
    Fitzroy has lost that edgieness and grit to large degree, fewer walls running long with the tagging and general amateur street arts and rolling commentary. Those days can probably never come back but if we understand what happens with the commercialization of an art scene and how, we can perhaps take steps for the future to keep our culture a bit safer from watering down and losing its impact. ?