Snapshots – JAWS @ The Big Bus

A few weeks ago I had the chance to head down to check out JAW from DMV as he was getting started on a pretty epic project – painting the entirety of a bus, top to bottom.

JAW is more than well know for his immaculate detail, and when I saw the sketch for it I couldn’t wait to see how it all turned out … and holy shit, is it good. Beyond good. I want this bus. I think everyone, would want this bus.

Check out the adventures of the Big Bus on its journey around Australia, and a huge, huge thanks for Lorraine from StreetsmART for letting us re-post her wonderful pictures! This is a big gallery, so let it load for a minute … it’s worth it!

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All images [c] StreetsmART.

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  • Invurt

    Big thanks to StreetsmART for letting us repost these pics!!

  • twix

    tu es un magicien adrien !
    This bus is so awesome !