Exhibition – “Kioku – Flashback Memeories” By Goma – Backwoods Gallery

This looks to be a great show, Im looking forward to this one see you guys at Backwoods Gallery.   In his youth, the Tokyo born Goma traveled to the Northern Territory in order to study the didgeridoo under master Djalu Gurruwiwii. During his stay, Goma lived with the Yolngu people and was adopted into the Galpu clan. Under the tutelage of Djalu, Goma became the first non-indigenous person to win the Northern Land Council prize at the Barunga didgeridoo competition. Upon returning to Tokyo, Goma founded the Jungle Rhythm Section, a highly respected musical outfit which blends Jungle and

Exhibition – We Need A Myth – Erin Greer – Off The Kerb Gallery

Get along this Friday night to another art filled night at Off The Kerb Gallery, brought by the amazing Shini, this is one amazing person doing great things for Local and interstate artists for the past 9 years. Get down and support Erin Greer with her show called “We Need A Myth”, also check out the other artists showing in the other rooms. Fables instruct, myths ignite the imagination and dreams form the template of our ever shifting reality. The stories we tell teach us to interpret our world. They can, quite literally, shape the world around us. There is

Through The Lens – January 2016 – David Russell Photography

Welcome back to my series of photos capturing Melbourne’s amazing Graffiti and Street art culture, documenting artists, walls, galleries and everything in between. I’m really looking forward to what this year brings, so join me for another year of Through The Lens and see what Melburn Has to offer the world. Till next month where I will bring you a fresh batch of dope walls.

deansunshine_landofsunshine_melbourne_streetart_graffiti_invurt top ten 56 9 nost 9

Sunshines Top 10 – January 2016

Well, the new year is in full swing and 2016 holds a whole bunch of cool shit to come – we’re working on a new project here for the website, which will be released sometime in February, so stay tuned! In the meantime, here is Dean Sunshines monthly Top 10 of all the cool shit hes seen of Melbourne street art and graffiti – check it all out below and enjoy! 1. Findac – Brighton 2. Putos – Fitzroy 3. Kaffeine – Fitzroy 4. Shem – Melbourne 5. Damien Mitchell – Brunswick 6. Jimmy C – Collingwood 7. Skream – Fitzroy

Snapshots – Abyss 607 – Guardians Of The Threshold – Off The Kerb Gallery

For those of you who live Northside will be familiar with Abyss 607 and his work, with his unmistakable style adorning Melbourne’s walls, doors , footpaths and even trackside, his work is everywhere. If I can use one word to sum up his show it would be “WOW”, I was super impressed and surprised to say the least, well done Abyss 607, the exhibition space had a serious case of the measles, virtually every piece had a red sold sticker on it. For those of you who could not make it, here are a bunch of pics I took.


Exhibition – Observance – Ryan Boserio – Melbourne

This is a show I’ve been waiting to see for a damn long time. Since moving to Melbourne from Perth a couple of years ago, Ryan Boserio has constantly worked on progressing his fantastical, surrealistic scifi infused imagery. Over this time his pieces that have popped up in both solo shows in Perth as well as group shows here in Melbourne (with the odd wall popping up here and there), all of which have hinted at a body of work that looks to have been realised with Observance – and damn, I’m fkn excited to see it all. Read on

Exhibition – Guardians Of The Threshold – Abyss 607 – Off The Kerb Gallery

Guardians Of The Threshold Abyss 607 Guardians of the Threshold is a glance into the mythological realms of Abyss 607. The Guardians, also known as the Seers are the deities that look over these dimensions and the ones that conceal the secrets within. The show primarily focuses on the di- vinely archaic forms of the Seers and their engagement within these realms. Abyss 607 is self taught and started painting and drawing the glyph in- spired Seers within the streets of Can- berra from 2009 and has since spent the last two years residing in and inspiring. Who: Abyss 607 What: Guardians

Through The Lens – A Look Back On 2015

Here are 65 images I think sum up 2015 pretty well, having said that I’m really looking forward to what 2016 has install so see you guys soon.

deansunshine_landofsunshine_melbourne_streetart_graffiti_invurt top ten 55 10 Bailer Adsnate 10

Sunshines Top 10 – December 2015

It’s been a fairly cruisey year for us here at Invurt, with me up in Singapore a lot and general life-things-busy, it’s great to end the year in a high note, and what better way than with a bunch if photos from Dean Sunshine of all the grand shit he has seen over December? Check them all out below, and have a great Xmas and New Years – and stay tuned, we have some big things and exciting projects in store for 2016 when we’ll be ramping up thing here on the site again! 1. Adnate + Kaffeine – StKilda

Video – Adnate & Kaffeine – Amnesty International

Video – Adnate & Kaffeine – Amnesty International

Adnate and Kaffeine put up their first ever collab piece the otyher week, and the results were pretty damn amazing. This was a piece for Amnesty, and it turned out wonderfully – always good to see some of our favourites collaborating for the first time! “Melbourne street artists Adnate and Kaff-eine collaborate for the first time to help raise awareness for the Write for Rights 2015 campaign run by Amnesty International. #W4R Phyoe Phyoe, a young student activist in Myanmar is currently in prison for peaceful protest like Yorm. Take action for her here> bit.ly/PhyoeW4R . Together we can make

Feature – Adrian Doyle & Empty-Nursery Blue @ Rutledge Lane – Melbourne


From the early hours of the morning, to late in the evening, Adrian Doyle donned his suit and threw himself up a scissor lift in one of the most audacious street art actions we’ve seen here in Melbourne for a long time.

Doyle transformed the entirety of Rutledge Lane (not Hosier Lane) in blue – covering pieces, tags, bins  – even the ground, with a single covering.

“Todays piece was not a buff,” Doyle remarked on facebook, “it was a burner!”

Love it or hate it, this is the only thing that people are talking about here in Melbourne right now, so we thought we’d put everything together on it and let you make your own opinion.

Doyle just posted up this small essay to explain Empty Nursery Blue – sometimes context can be key …


Image credit above Adrian Lagniton. Images below David Russell

Empty Nursery Blue Lane Way…
By Adrian Doyle

Houses are a major influence on my aesthetics and imagery. Most of the important events in my early life were focused around our quarter acre block in the heart of suburbia. We had an outback toilet, complete with its own dunny man that came every week to change the bucket. We went through numerous above ground pools and sadly, many pets. My house was not really different than any other suburban house. Yet it was my world for many years, a curated world, in which I learnt social skills and perceived normality from my parents.

I watched from a very young age as my parents struggled with house payments and debt collectors. They worked so hard to pay the bills and bring up 5 kids. They worked in jobs they hated with little respect from their bosses. They married in their teens, and did all the expected norms and learnt behaviour passed down from their parents. The house was a symbol of their hard work.

This experience made me reflect on my childhood home, and the hold it had over me, my family and my art. When my parents eventually lost the house to the bank, my parents moved four hours away to a small cottage in East Gippsland. But the grief and pain followed them. I began to play with the idea of creating a colour that represents my childhood and my suburban experiences. Was it possible to create a colour that could capture that kind of experience?

So I decided to come up with my own colour. I named it: Empty-Nursery Blue.

The way I decided to create Empty-Nursery Blue was by sitting in the studio and creating hundreds of different blues until I found the one that expressed my experiences the most. It was a baby blue that had hints of mauve in it. It’s a beautiful colour, a bright pastel. This colour expresses the feeling that something has been disturbed. All is not quite right. I took my disturbing yet beautiful colour to a paint lab and worked out its recipe.

But what good was Empty-Nursery Blue, if it was without a context. I needed to find something to paint to physicalise the concept of the colour.

As mentioned above, after losing their house, my parents moved to an island in the Gippsland Lakes. It’s a significant removal from the realities of suburban Frankston. Their house is alone in the landscape, only bushes and trees to keep it company. Not even a bridge links the island to the nearest shop. This physical removal from the past does not automatically come with emotional removal.


This is why I decided to paint my parents’ new house Empty-Nursery Blue.

Empty-Nursery Blue once placed in context became a symbol of a collective past.

Surrounding the new house with the memory and emotions of an experience that ruptured my family’s suburban dream.

In recent years I have spent much of my time lost deep in the Melbourne Street Art world. Street art has become a major part of my life and the lane-ways have become my world. I have lived and breathed art all my life. My art, however, is conceived of and formed from my past experiences. I cannot exist today without recognizing my roots in the past.


Thus, I would like to incorporate my past and my present in a Street Art piece using the colour Empty-Nursery Blue, and only this colour. By using Empty-Nursery Blue to cover Hosier Lane, I am symbolically ‘coating’ my present with my past, it is reminder to me and anyone who is living, that you are a product of your former experiences, and you should be reminded of them as you work your way through your present and into your future.


By doing this, I am claiming that a colour in its pure form can be street art or graffiti. This is a great conceptual link from fine art to street art, a link that is often lacking in the Melbourne Street Art scene. By bridging this gap, I hope to expose more people not only to Street Art, but also to the importance of art in general.”


The work was limited to Rutledge lane, and was an artistic work that didn’t involve the Melbourne City Council, or the council buffing any work. And no, this doesn’t mean that people can’t paint in there anymore, or that its being reserved or anything – quite the contrary, in fact – it’s business as usual, go forth and bust out your best chromies.

Having seen it and walked through there, it really does grab your attention in a  confronting, eerie way … this is one of those things that will, and certainly has, divided opinion, and it’s up to everyone to decide how they feel about it  – but that doesn’t mean that your opinion is any more valid than those that disagree with you, or Doyles opinion, for that matter – isn’t that exactly what art is supposed to be all about? For me, well, I can see both sides of it – but I can’t wait to see this shit get bombed out – it’ll be back to normal within the week.

You have to give it to Doyle, the man has balls and has done something that’s created an interesting furore.


Image via Dean Sunshine

…. on another note, and just because people have been asking, Invurt was not associated with this project. We do, however, have some pretty cool plans coming up down at Hosier lane that we’ll make sure you know all about really soon – there wont be any surprises there … ;)

Here’s all of the photos we got today …

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  • Hitem WNS

    You are a fucking tossa you’ve wrecked a historical point of melbourne you weak fuck.

    • Doyle

      go and create a burner over the top….

      • wordisbond

        shut up fool….

      • ricdiculous

        Lol! I went to mordy & ssc with u! Still a fried unit I see! The only artist you’ll ever be is a bullshit artist! Why u wasting your with blue paint when u can be writing books. Coz you got some good stories lol

    • deepgloom

      Please grow up and go and read more books IGNORANT

      • trezn1

        Shut the fuck up, idiot!

  • PaintersPaint

    Worst idea ever , can’t wait this this blue bullshit is covered back with burners , so blank and boring who would walk up a lane way that’s completely blue? You’ve cooked it cunt

  • Whatashitcunt

    Shit cunt.

  • Adrian Doyle Is A Gronk

    How is this a “burner” you buffed the whole lane you maggot.

  • wordisbond

    wanker, straight up wanker…. pseudo intellectual bullshit and how everyone has there little artistic flair or edge…. oh please what a fucking wank! lets just get melbournes real wrighters back down there so we can forget about your bullshit attempt at some “edgy street art”

  • fuck you cunt

    fucking scum, you destroyed history you crum fuck you

  • A writer

    fucking wanker, you fucked up the whole point of this lane. Fuck you and your modern art blue bullshit yo

  • Angela McCart

    Thankyou, xo :)

  • Kevin Rudd

    i’m not going to call you a fucking wanker, BUT all you did was paint everything blue.. how is that art? is it art because you wrote an essay to back it up? do you think a painter painting a house one single color stands back after he’s done and thinks wow im an artist.
    you’re going to cop so much shit… yes this is a legal area to paint and people can just paint over but it’s completely selfish and arrogant to use the whole space.. – yes it may be good for a fresh start on the space, you never mentioned that though. this is all just about YOU and that is why you will cop shit

  • DOuche

    YOU FUCKING IDIOT, You just wrecked Melbourne

  • Doyle is a fuckwit


  • punz

    fucking dog hope it all gets painted over by burners, fuck your blue ”art” bullshit

  • ..

    had to cap as many people as possible didn’t ya mate?.
    shows what jealousy does to some people.

    • whothefuckisdoyle

      it looks like the work of a kid who was bullied

      • ricdiculous

        This wacko went to my school! He’s been an artist since he was born! A bullshit artist!! Lol NQR for life

  • shitcunt

    queer cunt

  • Kidzoom is pissed

    Seems he got a bit too excited after seeing the kid zoom exhibition across the street. Haha ;)

    • Doyle

      Read my statement on my fb page…. cheers punk respect

      • whothefuckisdoyle

        holy shit, you shouldn’t be calling ‘punk’ in this situation! hahhahahahhahahahaa oh my gosh yeah go and shit all over punk culture and see what happens!!

      • Michael

        read your statement and its all about you. That lane way is not just yours to get attention over…punk. This is insensitive and egomaniacal and THAT is a criticism you should address if you believe there’s any justification for this.

      • Emma

        The street art community DOES NOT CARE about your childhood. You had no right to do what you did.

    • whothefuckisdoyle

      now there’s a perfect example of transitioning between fine art and street art; kz/ian knows what he’s doing and does it sensitively. Doyle here, whose street name noone seems to know, hasn’t an inch of the subtlety or intelligence of kz

      • Brad M

        It’s a shame if you are not aware of Doyle’s work or his contribution to not only street art but graffiti through his youth work.

        Shame indeed

        • Reality TV Sucks

          I recently watched his youthwork in action. Despite the democratisation of ‘streetart’ , there’s no excuse in letting suckers destroy a Phibs / Rone collaboration while you give them the paint and stand by.

          He’s done a severe dis-service to the youth involved.

  • justanotherday

    i’m glad this happened, i’m tired of conforming to the rules of graffiti.
    plus i like a fresh wall – it will be the same as it used to be soon anyway.
    kudos to you man, this is a ballsy move.

  • Dissapointed

    you painted over historical and respected artists some that are dead, whom people have carefully avoided capping for a very long time because as a community we have a mutual understanding of respect for past or present artists that deserve to have art preserved even in places such as hosier

    It’s amazing that 12 year old export painting nautica wearing lads can all respect a mutual agreement amongst melbourne artists, but a grown man has none?

    • whothefuckisdoyle

      here here!

      It’s SO awkward when someone outside a culture imposes themselves so boldly, in public, and fails.

    • anon

      Here, here.

    • deb

      Who is the dead artist you refer to?

  • WritersWankInFrontOfMirrors

    I fucking dig it. It`s crazy to see a clean surface after the chaos of rutledge, enough to make anyone used to the area stop and feel uneasy. Why the fuck are all the writers loosing their shit, rutledge is fucking legal, surely there are hotter places to drop something.

    • whothefuckisdoyle

      because it’s rude, awkward and self-indulgent

      on paper the idea is fine, but to actually do it? holy shit, the guy’s just BEGGING for it!

  • Doyle

    A fresh canvas….. lets get down there and paint it up… it was all slashed … I only want to add to the lane… its time to make sum burners … stop hating and start painting… respect punkz…

    • whothefuckisdoyle

      noone uses z’s in place of ‘s’ because it’s 2013.

      Also, as it’s 2013, we’re not impressed by cocky white boys calling themselves ‘conceptually driven’ artists imposing themselves on an established public culture. IF this was 1960, someone may have taken interest.

      Unfortunately, you’re about 50 years late!

  • Doyle

    My dick lookz huge…

  • MrChaoS1ne

    pretty sure that’s called painting n not street art. #JusSayen..

  • FacterInvurt

    Alright everyone – I get that its a heated topic, but a level of decency would be nice. I have removed some comments because, frankly, some of them are pretty fkn childish and whether you agree with whats happened or not, we’re not in fkn primary school here. Keep your comments constructive, or dont comment at all.

    • Jamie

      Shut up dickhead. Stop posting crap all the time! Stop marketing street artists and the new wave of graffiti ‘artists’. When was the last time you posted a piece of illegal art on your website. Fucking faggots!

    • Henry

      +1 look at bottom of these comments: ELK suliman prize, adnate archibald, exhibition revolver.

      These guys think they are on the cutting edge when all they do is post regurgitaed commercial art.

  • Disappointed

    What a selfish prick, noone cares about Doyle n his bullshit childhood. This guys a self centred piece of shit. Ruined a part of Melbourne history.

  • atsulk one

    all I can say is your a wall hog baddd bruv

  • raps1

    i find it funny that you consider yourself a artist

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  • Stephen goole

    Neck yourself cunt

  • Melbourne

    This is a random act of Disrespectfullness, Rudeness and Selfishness done to this community. The City of Melbourne is UNPROUD.

  • Brad M

    Let them scream murder!

    These hypocritical fucktards.

    Well done Doyle. This is the type of work that moves a movement.

    • Alessandro Quartz

      Now this is the type of work that sees someone bashed and limping for the rest of their lives. So sick of fucken hipsters, both female and male, trying to re write art movements with the ubber shitness and lack of talent. The same kids that tried to justify kids scribble 10 years as self expression. Time to reclaim art back from attention seeking pseudos.

    • Reality TV Sucks

      I don’t care about what he went over, but I’d argue that this is the type of work that just reinforces the disposable consumer culture and applies it to art and does nothing to “move a movement”.

      He specifically created a large scale work of no-value which in-fact trivialises his experiences explained in his rationale purely for the purpose of PR’ing the hell out of himself.

      I know building a profile is important in the artworld, but this is the Kim Karashian approach to fame…

      • Brad M

        It’s a bold claim you make to his intension and maybe your right. But you also could be completely wrong. I wouldn’t be so sure as to make claims to the inner thought processes of another.

        This discussion here and I’m sure in many other places on and offline is movement enough to validate this work.

        • james

          Inner thought processes are not “art”. And the ability to create discussion from a piece of work is not validation of “art”.

        • Fidel

          I think if there was ever a situation that legitimised making claims as to what an artist was thinking when they created a piece, this would be one. The art aspect of this is tiny and mediocre. The only part of this with any topical interest or potentiol for discussion is what it was that made him do this and what he was trying to achieve. He’s written an essay about painting an alley blue which completely documents his inner thought processes and gives way to discussion. The only worthwhile aspects of this piece of art is in the concept. Otherwise anyone could pick a colour, paint a random part of Melbourne and call it art.

          Personally I say screw the art. Melbourne has a freakin’ blue alley. Dope.

  • is this a joke

    has anyone seen the video on the first page of his website? He is walking around capping people with a water gun…. What a joke , I hope this negative backlash really makes you think twice about the community you just disrespected to try and have some reflection time about your childhood

  • blah

    Blah makes my blood boil.

  • milk

    This is so sad really was a selfish act he should have been given another “dull laneway” to make his blue makeover instead of killing all that beautiful history ..any other dull lane without the very healthy apparent presence of existing life could of been cool …because its creating a contrast to start something new.. but to delete dear rutledge is disgusting. Perhaps he’d be good as a interior designer but this vision of making himself more important than all that came before is ego and what ashame

    • Vetty


  • Alessandro Quartz

    In my day this was called buffing. It’s what you did when you got caught. Now in this day and age where every stupid untalented dickhead NEEDS to be a creative for attention, its now called art. Fucken really? You buff a whole fucken lane with this stupid concept and then try to tell us it’s art.

  • Alessandro Quartz

    Hey dickhead if you wanted to paint walls like that you should have got a trade as a painter. This is not art at all. And Doyle..would you be the mayors son? You fucken POS.


    Yeah, this guy has just painted over history.
    All so he can feel at ease with his childhood issues.
    “Street Art” tosser claiming he making a link between fine art and graffiti, pretty sure that both run on a thing called respect which you threw out the window with this selfish ego driven bullshit

  • Not impressed

    I was reading it thinking “am I the only one here who thinks this guys is a shallow and selfish asshole”
    If that is all you can draw from your history as a child (and a fucking boring one at that it is) And if painting an amazing lane the colour Blue is the creative depth you have reached upon, without being considrate of others creative history and output b y deciding to shit all over their work, then maybe he should leave art alone. I don’t even think he realises Blue is probably a representative of Blue collar (clearly his background) not some “empty nursery” (poor you, your parents were broke)
    I hope some rich kid comes and paints it White, and them some Dubai trust fund baby comes and paint’s it Gold, then some Arabian oil merchant covers it with Diamonds. This to me demonstrates that a lack of attention as a child can cause very little imagination rolling around upstairs. The more I read, the angrier he made me. Calling it a “burner” just topped it off. Graffiti to me is the most restrictive culture that can be called art, it turns these suburban kids into narrow minded and clearly unimaginative clowns, because they are too busy trying to fit into Graffiti culture (buzz words, clothes, cultural etiquette) rather than exploring their abilities as artists. Seriously, I have had more artistic and interesting shits than this guys one big creative output, that has temporarily made a pretty amazing icon of Melbourne look like crap.

    • Tanzbro

      Mate, if you can’t generate enough activity in your weak brain to consider how covering an entire lane way in one cold, reflective, strange ice blue might be interesting art, that’s your problem, not doyle’s

      • Alessandro Quartz

        I know a few paysanos who are commercial wall painters, they would love the idea that painters are now artists. Next time i see a couple of council guys buff a wall i will let them know what they are doing is art.

  • Reality TV sucks

    I quite like the idea before I read the rationale and realised who did it.

    We need to remember that section is ‘toy alley’, there’s nothing there worth preserving. Suckers lineup to destroy anything good there. Before I read the artists’ statement I liked the idea of saying a well selected colour has more value than the work of toys. (There’s now a ultra-dope Shem burner in there, hopefully the toys leave it for a week)

    Then I read the rationale and realised that guy gives the toys paint. I saw him recently giving out paint to kids and watched them destroy the Phibs and Rone collaboration piece in front of him.

    I actually have no issue with the painting itself given that toys had destroyed anything good there. My disappointment is in the motivation. It’s pretty clear this is just a PR push from the painter. It’s a bit like art for the reality TV generation; vapid, devoid of skill or content, but able to get people talking attract column inches in the press.

    • Alessandro Quartz

      The more i look his hipster get up i seriously want to track him down and give him a massive beat up.

      • Doyle doesnt belong

        Fucking same here mate. I really hope for his sake that I never run into him in the street, I won’t be able to control myself. He covered pieces that have been there for fucking ages, not just temporary bombs that usually last a week. He covered fucking EVERYTHING.

  • abducta

    When did Melbourne graffiti artists become such a bunch of whiney bitches?
    graffiti is and always has been transitory. I still remember all the good pieces that are long gone and laughed at all the shit ones. Fact is like it or not you will always remember when this was done. Respect for that. otherwise stop crying over spilt week and harden up

    • Alessandro Quartz

      Doyle is nothing but a hipster, no style and no substance. He is shallow and this shows it. Then he comes up with some contrived and stupid explanation, which is comical at best.

      I am also laughing at how he thinks he is creating a new canvas for new art, like all melbourne street artists should respect him for this.

      So typical of hipsters.

      Again if he wanted to paint walls he could have saved everyones time and earned good cash contracting as a painter.

      • abducta

        As far as I am concerned Adrian Doyle has in one fail swoop rejuvenated and exposed a corner of Melbourne’s lane art to a whole new section of the community who at large allow their public walls to be used in this way. The community is larger than just the few who believe these walls are ‘theirs’.

        I have had more discussion in the last 24 hours with people about graffiti and street art, who have never taken an interest at all than ever before.

        Do you all realise you sound exactly like so many people who have denounced graffiti in the past using exactly the same arguments as they have.

        – Its not art
        – he has no respect
        – it is not his place to do this
        – someone should teach him a lesson

        How amusing that you all sound like the same conservative closed minded idiots who have been rallying against graffiti for years how the worm turns.

        • Alessandro Quartz

          Ahh the internet, where hyperbole reigns supreme and bullshit artists thrive.

          No you didn’t have a chat to many people, maybe 1 or two but not many.

          • abducta

            So you don’t actually have a retort. Just more abuse. Maybe because you have no legitimate argument.
            My response you is to quote your own words ‘no style and no substance. He is shallow and this shows it. Then he comes up with some contrived and stupid explanation, which is comical at best’

          • Alessandro Quartz

            Hyperbole, again.

          • abducta

            Pretty sure that is not actually the meaning of the word, seeing as I haven’t actually exaggerated anything, but who am i to question someone with such obvious power over the english language.

      • tanno

        motherfucker look at your comment history, a designer talking about twitter? who’s the shallow hipster now?

        • Alessandro Quartz

          So what? I know many a graf writer who decided to go into design. I would rather evolve my talents and move into a fieled where i can get paid handsomely than be stuck being a writer and only to get hooked on chroming and have no prospect at age 30..motherfucker.

    • michael

      its self indulgent to claim an entire alley for yourself and justify it by talking about how much the colour blue means to you. Fuck if he had a decent explanation for this it wouldnt be so bad. This is just a big ole 5 finger dick rub

      • abducta

        Graffiti/Street Art is self indulgent by nature. If people were truly concerned about other peoples ‘property’ it wouldn’t exist at all. people need to stop complaining and be thankful they have a legal wall to do with as they please.

  • Arty Graffarti

    No disrespect to any of the artists in Blender Lane, but why didn’t he just do it in his own backyard? What does this whole concept have to do with Rutledge?

    • tanno

      because rutledge is high profile, but was filled with 99 percent shit, as will be the case in a couple of months anyway. he did rutledge to create a reaction, and it worked

  • laughing at graffiti hypocrisy

    Loving these people claiming “history has been destroyed”. Been down that alley in the last 5 years? LOL!!! Its been a hive of SHITE for years!!!! Have a look at the photos that have been posted since it was smashed by Doyle..nothing but f*cking turd. All these idiots are just pissed they didn’t think of it first!

    • Apollo62

      Couldn’t agree more!


    Self indulgent, selfish, egotistical and attention seeking.

    The essay topped it off.
    If a fresh start to the lane was the point i would have slightly more respect for this however it seems as though you have deliberately made as big a dent as possible to get noticed. This was a peoples art alley whether you liked what was in it or not and YOU imposed YOUR concept on it and in the process didn’t consider other people relationship with the space. Not everyone wants to stare at the dull colour that supposedly has something to do with your childhood.

    You cant now go on about growing up poor to identify with the graffiti culture. It wont work especially when you don the hip Ray-Bans and wanky art suit. (yes i noticed you didn’t dress in the paint suit like the other guy so that they could photograph you in all your finery)

    I bet you lay awake at night and dream of making the front cover of the MX paper that you probably say you despise and im sure your stoked with the controversy because you need air time just like celebrities and politicians.
    Get away from this culture while you still can. You can never be a part of it because you clearly cant understand the disrespect you have caused to this community who live for their art form.
    For the reasons that you did this i hope that you regret doing it.

    • Alessandro Quartz

      Just a typical hipster.

      • Kang

        What To Do When You Have No Good Argument:
        1. Call people hipsters.

        What the fuck does it even mean anymore? Just because he has an idea that you think sucks he’s a hipster? It’s OK that you disagree with it, but if you’re going to post your voice on a public forum (and call out the substance of his art like you did), at least do it with substance yourself.

        Calling someone a hipster 10 times in a single thread does nothing for your argument and makes you look more the pretentious wanker.

        • Alessandro Quartz

          Hipster reply. Only hipsters get all butthurt like you have.


    Just in case you want to contact him with your complaints here he is. Go graffiti community tell him what you think…

  • https://www.facebook.com/carenbeazley Caren Beazley

    How Dare this man put his importance of his wankery above all the wonderful street artists he makes me ill Oh well A big Ugly blue blank canvas rip it up kids HIDE UR HEAD IN SHAME ADRIAN this is a travesty

  • Fuckyoudoyle

    if you really loved street art in melbourne you wouldn’t feel the need to paint the fuck over a huge chunk of it. you self-indulgent, attention-seeking anus. why don’t you go feel sorry for yourself in a less destructive way.
    PS you look like a fucking hipster wanker in your suit and raybans.

  • https://www.facebook.com/carenbeazley Caren Beazley

    just found the pics of the burn Beautiful…made me feel a lot less angry I think that colour makes u angry lol but the birds and everything else made it all OK again….

  • DoylezAdedCunt

    aye doyle..i have a few knuckles here that spell out doyles face..ya betta watch out toy me and few other boyz dun like wot you done and we dun like toy fucks capping our work

  • DoylesaToy

    Doyle mate just told me about ya art gallery in franklin st..get ready for ya work to be all buffed and destroyed cunt

  • Michael

    he says “I” or “me” 40 times in that mission statement. Thanks for keeping the community in mind you self-serving prat

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  • guestygest

    I don’t really like the use of personal tragedy-story to justify this art wank. colour is not conceptual art. art has to stand on its’ own merit, rather than being sold with an essay. and if the lane needed a repaint, just freaking repaint it and invite street artists to cover it again.

  • John

    Awesome work. Love it.

  • roken

    wow.. it’s funny how in anything graffiti related, most of the writers (respected and not) always say along the lines off “it’s better then looking at a blank wall!”

    classic trend hopping fuck head trying to be some big shot straight away after no real background in graffiti.. mr.brainwash tried to do it and I would in anyones face who would even consider him anything close to a graffiti artist.

    fuck. dudes dad is probably a cop.

  • HURSTYlineboyz-HLB

    only steal iz real ya toy cunts. do a fucking tag in a legal lane in tha city and then ball ur eyes out wen it gets buffd. you call urself wrighterz u all a bunch of puzzys. HURSTY 4 LYF DOGS.

  • whatajoke

    Adrian Doyle, you have destroyed what was an amazing laneway that breathed the life and spirit of so many of melbourne’s great street artists. You sure did go over some nice work and what you call junk or scribbles was art in itself, it was life and you destroyed. You are as bad as the council that goes over sick art with a bland grey. By the way, that blue colour really sucks! You had no right to do this. Typical that this poor attempt at what you call art was commissioned by the city of melbourne and that pig Robert Doyle. You’re a joke, hes a joke. Why do you pretend to talk like you are from the streets in the video? are you taking the piss out of anyone who is really in the scene? It certainly comes across that way. YOU HAVE NO RESPECT. This is why we can’t let people like Robert Doyle define what street art is! I’m not a writer, just passionate about street art and you sir are a loser.

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  • Michael Junker

    i agree with all the people commenting on high art ballbagery but what an exciting place it is right now.?

  • Doyle

    Hey Guys…I did not mean to cause any issues… and disrespect…. I also believe that street art and graff are way different… I always thought of hosier and Rutledge to be street lanes…. I did not meant to offend any of the writers out there…. respect…. Doyle

    • abducta

      Adrian, I for one enjoyed your work and the corresponding fallout and discussions. Others may disagree but I for one view rutledge as a community wall and as such open for all comers. I don’t think it can be classed as a buffed wall as it is not a location that has been earned just used.

  • TannedEars

    i know doyle well. a few important things:
    He is obsessed by his art. he thinks deeply about all his artwork. yes, this obsessiveness can lead to selfishness occasionally, however, that can be and has been said about very many artists throughout history. and it is worth thinking about why this has disappointed so many people. those of you saying doyle ruined history; that was done by young writers a thousand times over before doyle did the ‘blue’. except for the mick porter faces (there are plenty more around the place) and maybe some other minimal stuff, the whole place was thrashed. which looks fuckin good IMO, graffiti writing is the origin and will remain so. but it doesn’t mean doyle should respect some teenager writing his wack shit a thousand times with a united can when that kid wouldn’t respect his. that is what rutledge has become. that is why rutledge is interesting. because shit gets destroyed there, no exceptions. here, the ultimate contradiction of graffiti is exposed: writers are upset by adrian doyle ‘imposing’ his ideas on their culture. but then, it is totally normal for writers to rock throwies on anything that isn’t graff. shit, i was in richmond the other day, and dudes got little texta tags on those fucking wooden boards sitting opposite the corner hotel, boards that are probably 20 years old and have pieces from DMA. not all writers do this, but many do. there is an inherent contradiction in graffiti.
    all this said, i can see why people would be pissed off by this. if i didn’t know doyle, i would probably think he was a dick too. and choosing rutledge as the spot for this is very attention seeking. he isn’t a writer or a street artist. and that’s probably, and understandably, why so many of you are angry. but i know this guy. yes, he can be arrogant, but he does think when he makes art. he has a long history of large scale installations like this. as far as people saying a colour can’t be art, you need to use your head a little more. and isn’t it a good thing that something has happened in melb’s scene which has ignited so much debate? graffiti in our city is still killing it, melbourne heads are active as hell. but the street art scene in melb was getting pretty fucking boring. nothing with any meaning. and i love phibs, but complaining about going over the rone/phibs thing? come on man, rone’s shit looks like an ad for fucking pepsi.

  • not happy Jan

    ok, artists can paint over your blue monstrosity but the bluestone pavers you ruined with your paint can never be fixed, the natural bluestone edging and pathway gave the alley character and added to the street art, now it will always be blue…someone should go in and use paint stripper to bring back the ground to its former historical state….and charge this idiot who did it for the clean up, also the way you have painted unevenly up the walls to just where you can reach and up and down like a rollercoaster looks terrible

    • tan

      have a whinge about some bluestone. you obviously don’t do or understand graffiti, continue being a passive onlooker

  • STFU

    ITT: a bunch of toys whining about another toy going over pieces in toy alley. Guarantee 100% that no writer who actually matters gives a shit about this.

  • KindergartenCop

    To call it art is a stretch. Seriously a friend was there a while back and well instead of getting to experience any edgy art was witness to an “Adrian Doyle” masterpiece of giving all who rocked up in the area a spray can to write/draw what they want all over the existing graffitti.
    Now he paints a whole area (badly I might say) as well as the road and wonderful bluestone noted to the city of Melbourne. Hardly art, more like a personal pr stunt. Obviously he has no issues of respect or such for others work but happy to grab headlines for yourself.
    Perhaps the Blue peril should be moved to the park off the main run…it will be welcomed by the yellow peril artwork which has also been moved. ..at least they are complementary colors should be a good mix!
    Personally this blue has just got me seeing red.
    If one wants to do such a project of letting others experience street art or completely dominate an area with what they see as art, well let amateur hour take place in another laneway, another precinct…another state….

    • tannz

      ‘edgy art’? man, street art ain’t that. for art to be edgy, it needs to make a statement. most street art is average drawings of quaint, insubstantial fairytale imagery that says nothing other than ‘i’m a street artist’. everyone who complains about the blue not being art has an exceptionally narrow mind. i’d say doyle’s piece is some of the only challenging street art in melbourne in the past decade. think beyond the fame argument, think about what doyle’s work might actually mean

      • Alessandro Quartz

        Thanks for your explanation Adrian. Keep up defending yourself on this blog.

        • Tannn

          Not adrian buddy, but a close friend. stick to twitter.

          • Alessandro Quartz

            Thanks for exposing yourself Adrian.

  • tan

    hahaha this is getting ridiculous. STFU just said, real writers probably couldn’t care less. anyone who actually thinks that rutledge lane had ‘a lot of great art’ obviously doesn’t do graffiti or know who in melbourne deserves the title of ‘writer’. there is the occasional young fella who does a decent piece (and, since the blue, shem of course!), but by and large shit is weak. all the whingers who do write would be 99% 20 years old or younger, and think they can be spokespeople for graffiti culture cos they rocked one shit galve or tagged in a burner’s background. i wouldn’t be surprised if some of the older, real writers out there end up thinking this is all just funny.

    • Alessandro Quartz

      Go get an education. This is unreadable.

      • Tann

        Mr. Alessandro Quartz, it is evident from your weak-minded, lack-lustre, sycophantic complaints, that you are the one in need of an education. Additionally, your apparent inability to recognise colloquial graffiti language suggests that you have no knowledge of the culture/movement which you seem to be so feebly defending. Surely, your assertion that my comment is unreadable, really only reveals that your mind does not compute casual language quickly enough to discern its meaning. I am lucky enough to have had a fairly good education. Your comical and pathetic defense of something you are obviously not involved with places you firmly in the realm of dumb cunt.

        • Alessandro Quartz


  • Apollo62

    Well done Adrian Doyle for having the balls to do something that will rejuvenate street art in Rutledge Lane. Pay no heed to the haters who cry foul and attempt to label scribble and poor art with history as a means of justifying their petty outrage. Art is open to individual interpretation but seems restricted amongst those who make juvenile comments and threats of retribution. They decry your seeming disrespect yet fail to respect an individuals’ right to freedom of expression.
    Those who can see the true worth of your action can appreciate what it was that you were trying to accomplish all along. Only the artistically weak and narrow minded will mock and jeer you with their expletive laden tirades posted here.

    • mh

      well said!

  • Empty coin purse blue

    Also no one in the fine art world cares about Doyle either. I’m not sure what expression we would use for him, but it would probably be analogous to “toy”

    • tannnn

      Historically, a great many important artists have been ignored by the establishment. generally, the ‘fine art world’ is a vacuous joke in itself.

  • Empty coin purse blue

    Also conceptual art tends to use these things called concepts. No conceptual artist that isn’t the equivalent of a toy would see this as anything other then nonsense.

  • empty businessman blue

    Perhaps the thing to do would be to boycott the lane. Leave it to wither and die, find a new area and make it your own. If your getting approval from the lord mayor then street art has been co-opted.

  • Il Duce

    boo hoo, have a little teary everyone, take a deep breath, then continue yr half-arsed council-sanctioned “street art” over the top and practice yr twee “toy” street art lingo and be comfortable knowing that yr all part of the same joke and big Mr.Mayor Doyle loves you all equally adorning the cover of promotional material for “marvellous Melbourne”

  • the fabricant

    I didn’t realize it was typical of paint shops to mix custom colors in branded buckets – I wonder if dulux is aware of this example of supposedly indirect advertising.
    If the council wasn’t involved, who funded the bulk mixing of paint, logistics, scissor lift hire, air compressor and paint gear, and additional painters? curious

    • Hiey

      RMIT, as the article says.

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