Snapshots – Daek William – Welcome To The World Of… – Linton and Kay Galleries – Perth

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Tuesday the 2nd of July saw the opening night of ‘Welcome To The World Of…‘ at Linton and Kay Galleries by Brooklyn based Perth artist, Daek William. The first solo exhibition in his hometown since his move to Brooklyn was a huge show, both in the the body of work and the opening night turn out. The night was distinctly Daek, with trademark renderings of folded and pictorial headdresses and the wine served in tea cups. Daek had made a lot of the work tactile and articulated, encouraging the public to engage and touch, rub, flick on a switch and even sniff the works. The works responded by automated moving parts, scents and change of colour. Too often an artist, whether intentionally or not, alienates the viewer and puts their work on a pedestal that the public must keep a respectful distance from. Daek’s background as a street artist seems to have carried over into his fine artwork exhibitions.

‘Welcome To The World Of…’  was a tight show by a talented original artist.  If this is any indication of things to come, Daek William is one to watch.


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