Video & Snapshots – Shida – Brisbane

Shida has been a busy man lately. After having lived over in Poland for some time this past year, he’s back in Australia and already doing a bunch of rad shit. In one of his biggest pieces yet, he goes massive in Brisbane with a beautiful aerial piece – gotta love this age of drones when pieces like this can be accomplished and photographed! Check out this video below of the whole thing .. We also saw a new project the man is working on, which looks pretty grand. “The 1st collaboration between Mik Shida & Zheani Sparkes. Magic properties in

Video – ELK Stencil Timelapse

Video – ELK Stencil Timelapse

Our mate ELK has been cutting up a whole heap of shit lately, ahead of some rad shows next year. Here is a really grand timelapse that shows you the process of how he does his incredible stencil work – time, effort, and a shitload of exacto blades a brilliant piece of art does make. Rad tune too with Dead centre by Omar Musa (prod. Joelistics) Check it out below!


Interview – Heesco – Incessant – 2015

Time is a constant. You can be assured, that no matter what happens within your life, no matter the trials and tribulations, loves and loses, that time will continue to march it’s way across your existence. I find myself contemplating time as I write this intro. It’s pretty hard to believe that it’s been five years since I last interviewed Heesco – it could have been yesterday. In some ways it feels like I’ve just met him at the Sweet Streets festival,  just posted an interview and just painted our first wall together down in Prahran. But, no, that was five fucking


Exhibition – Be Civilised – Kitt Bennett & Shawn Lu – Melbourne

The illustrative talents of two of Juddy Roller studios finest will be on display in later November, as Kitt Bennett and Shawn Lu ink out a storm of fantastic imagery. We’ve been following both these guys work for a while now, and we’ve loved every bit of it – great to see them teaming up together to bring out a show like this one! “Be Civilised is a collection of ink works on paper, by Juddy Roller’s own Kitt Bennett and Shawn Lu. The works are a documentation of the artists’ perceived representations of culture and the human experience that


Exhibition – Heesco – Incessant – Melbourne

Our good mate Heesco has always been one talented dude, from both illustration to his work out on the streets – however his upcoming solo show, Incessant, focuses purely on his painting, and on his move towards exploring the abstract side of things within his practice. Read on for the details of the opening this Friday down at Dark Horse Gallery in Melbourne! “This exhibition is about painting. ‘I don’t really know why I paint. I just want to paint everything, all the time. It’s become an obsession, my life, my profession, it defines me as a person to an


Exhibition & Preview – Screaming Hand 30th Anniversary Art Show – Melbourne

For the past thirty years, the Screaming Hand has been one of the most recognisable images in skateboarding history, and this week, following a successful launch at aMBUSH Gallery, the Screaming Hand 30th Anniversary exhibition, curated by Eddie Zammit from T-World, will be hitting the streets of Prahran with an utter fuckboatload of amazing adaptations of the iconic hand from both local and international artists! “In honour of Jim Phillips Sr. and the iconic Screaming Hand logo Sydney & Melbourne will be hosting an epic Art Show in tribute of an icon and 30 Years of the Screaming Hand – an unmistakable symbol of youth and skateboard


Exhibition – Arts Hole Presents REPEAT – Melbourne

Well, we’ve just spent the last week moving into our new digs, and are now all set up in our new studio. Funnily enough, it just so happens that the studio we’ve moved into, the awesome Arts Hole, is just about to do a group show! Arts Hole are no strangers to grand events (having put on the amazing Paterson Project last year), and for this group show they’ve assembled a whole slew of amazing artists from both within the studio, , as well as a bunch of friends and extended artsholian family. From painting, stencils, illustration and everything in


Magazine Launch – 6 Years Later – Issue #4 Power – Melbourne

One of our favourite magazines thats been running for a few years now is back! Six Years Later magazine is a full art expose that has been showcasing artists for quite some time now, and I’ve always loved their past editions. “6YL (a.k.a. Six Years Later) is a limited-edition periodical showcasing the art of creatives from around the world. Each issue is a visual exploration of our chosen theme. 6YL is an annual printed publication showcasing the work of painters, photographers, illustrators and all-round creatives from around the world. Each issue is a visual exploration of a certain concept or idea.

Exhibition – Phoenix – Kaff Eine – James Makin Gallery

See you guys here this Friday. “Phoenix: a beautiful mythical creature which rises from the ashes of destruction” From the ash and charcoal of Manila’s most impoverished dumpsite slums rises a striking exhibition by Kaff-eine, with friends Geloy Concepcion and Geric Cruz, featuring collaborations between Kaff-eine and Manila’s garbage-pickers and charcoal-makers. Kaff-eine combines her realist watercolour and charcoal portraits with the images and stories made on-site by the creative, resilient garbage-pickers and charcoal-makers from Baseco Compound and the Aroma Happyland slum. The collaborations were created with the charcoal made in these slums. These paintings are accompanied by Geric and Geloy’s

deansunshine_landofsunshine_melbourne_streetart_graffiti_invurt top ten 55 7 Sabeth StKilda 7

Sunshines Top 10 – October 2015

Well, that was quick! With a week still left to go of the month, Dean Sunshine has taken some great shots of Melbourne street art this October, and he’s thrown us a whole slew of awesome photos from his adventures in snap-age. Check them all out below, there’s some grand shit right here! 1. ID crew – Kensington 2. Mayo – Fitzroy 3. Makatron – Collingwood 4. Senekt – Fitzroy 5. Felipe Pantone – Fitzroy 6. Deams – Cremorne 7. Sabeth – StKilda 8. Slicer – Preston 9. Be Free – Thornbury 10. Sofles – Melbourne CBD

Sojourn – San Francisco Street Art – The Mission

After having spent a really good amount of time in Kuala Lumpur and checking out the streets and walls of Singapore, I picked up stumps and headed over the Pacific on the next part of what has now turned into an epic adventure; San Francisco – I’m in Guatemala right now, so San Fran actually feels a world away!

That said, I fucking loved San Fran. Apart from my shock at how badly the homeless situation has worsened since my last visit there ten years ago (wtf America, how can shit get so bad, seriously?), I have to say it was pretty amazing. San Francisco is a city of so many facets that, well, there’s just no way I can cover it all here. Instead, I’m going to split my visit up into two pieces – one from an amazing day trekking through The Mission district, one covering all the stickers I saw and the one with all the rest – all, I’m happy to say, are big, big posts and are absolutely fascinating.

P1050368 (Custom)

One thing that San Francisco has, for which I am many others are more than thankfully are, is a veritable plethora of paintspotters – those who seek out new pieces of graffiti and street art to share with those of us who may not be fortunate enough to live in the area. Melbourne has them, and almost every city has them, and for a certainty San Fran has them, spanning San Francisco graffiti and street art every day. So, it was a no brainer when I arrived in San Fran that I’d try to catch up with one of my favourite instagram paintspotters – @pixelina.

I’d been following @Pixelina on IG for some time, and have had the pleasure of seeing a huge bunch of amazing images that she’s taken from all over the city – so when I contacted her and asked if she could show me some of her favourite spots, she was more than obliging. It just so happened, that another of my favourite IG paintspotters was in town on the same day, @purpurella (who takes a bunch of great shots from around LA), so it all turned into one big paintspotting mission in the Mission – honestly, these girls were amazing.

P1050299 (Custom)

We started out meeting at coffee shop in the Mission, have to say, this was some of the nicest coffee I’ve ever tasted. It wasn’t long though, until the crew arrived and we headed off to see what the day had to offer.

IMG_2585 (Custom)

Not far away proceeded to walk down a variety of the many laneways throughout the Mission – each harbouring a multitude of art. From graffiti, murals to street art, the cornucopia of colour reminded me in many ways of what we have in Melbourne around Fitzroy and Collingwood, the two had a very similar feel … I have to say though, that there may be a little more art in the Mission than there is in the F&C area … but that’s okay, I’m sure we’ll catch up ;)

P1050266 (Custom)

Whilst trekking through the multitude of streets, I spotted a store on a corner that had a bunch of art on the walls, and discovered Faze Apparel. I loved this place – these guys are doing really cool things, promoting local artists and artist designed clothing.

IMG_2886 (Custom)

IMG_2882 (Custom)

The art up on the walls was damn cool, and the threads were fresh – if you’re in the Mission at any time, drop by here. They also do regular art exhibitions as well, in fact, that’s what they started out doing before they opened up the store itself.

IMG_2877 (Custom)

IMG_2878 (Custom)

IMG_2879 (Custom)

P1050348 (Custom)

We walked through a great carpark that was a couple of blocks down from where we started, and spotted a bunch of great work in there as well.

IMG_2924 (Custom)

Towards the end of the day, we found we’;d been walking for around six hours – so one of our last stops was to check out a neat van being painted by some friends of @pixelina – Eon75 (Max Ehrman)and someone whose work I’ve actually followed for a while (big fan of his toy!), Jesse Hernandez. It was a great way to finish off the day and watch some of San Frans finest in action.

IMG_2965 (Custom)

IMG_2974 (Custom)

IMG_2968 (Custom)

Nearby, there was a huge collab wall – one of the parts had this robot, that I fkn loved!

IMG_2962 (Custom)

On the way back, there were, of course, more walls to be seen – but probably my favourite one was this wall that Meggs, Ha-Ha and a bunch of others had painted when they were in San Fran for the Young & Free exhibition – a great wall to see on the last part of our journey throughout the mission.

P1050380 (Custom)

Ended up the whole day exhausted and tired, and having a pint at the infamous Zeitgeist bar – felt like I was back in Fitzroy!!

Again, thanks to Pix, Purp and the others for a wonderful day – if you get yourself to San Fran, you can easily lose an entire day, or more, just walking the back streets of the Mission in search of great art – you cant miss it, its everywhere.

P1050386 (Custom)

Check out a mass of photos of all the walls we saw in San Fran below … this is the largest collection of pics I’ve posted up here before, there’s about 280 of them – I could have culled, but there’s so damn much that’s good, and I wanted to document it all! In the next two part of my San Fran posts, I’ll post up a bunch more shots stuff from Haight and the rest of the city, murals, stickers and a visit to the newest minted Zero Friends store!

Enjoy – there’s several pages of these images so browse through by clicking on the numbers below!

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