Snapshots – Dabs Myla Paint-up – Fitzroy

After their successful showing at Metro Gallery last Friday, Dabs Myla hit the streets over the weekend and painted up a great wall over in Fitzroy – looks like a smasher, and something new from them on the walls here in the burn is always welcome! Askem and several others were also about that day, including Jack Douglas and Mysterious Al .. looks like it was a nice day for a paint all round!

Thanks again to Dave Russell for capturing it all!

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Our man David Russell has been photographing street art and graffiti for several years. As an avid fan, and a lover of all things on walls, Dave is an active member of the crew as well as as an informative source in his position as a tour guide for the world famous Melbourne Street Art Tours. His work in capturing the art of the cities many artists and visitors is his passion, and you can see his photography both on his homepage , as well as here on Invurt.

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