Website News – Sojourn 2013

It’s been a while between website news so we thought we’d update you real quickly about some of the stuff that’s been going on here at Invurt – so, firstly, greetings from Singapore!

In my quest to write everything Australian art over the past three years, the one thing that I’ve felt over that time has been that I’ve been a little tunnel visioned – there is a lot of world out here, and a lot of things to see. Invurt is, first and foremost, an advocate of Australian art, but we are also very much a part of the international community – so I thought I would go out and check it all out for myself (okay, and so it coincides with a bunch of other things, anyways).

For the next six months I’ll be posting articles up from my observations on my travels of all the creative shit that I see, that I feel is relevant. Don’t worry, Invurt remains an Australian blog, but I want to break that tunnel vision a little with my observations of what is going on outside of our island! I wont be posting too often, but when I do it should be interesting, I hope!

Thankfully, however – there won’t be any real interruption to our reglar posting. Our good friend Luke McManus, who has done a bang up job for some time writing articles over at Vandalog, will be helping to keep the blog running in my absence. Along with David Russell and Dean Sunshine, and occasional posts from Taki and Sam Goreki ,I think the site will be in rad hands and continue to entertain in my quasi absence!

So, anyways, keeping it short, I’ll see you on the flip side, and hopefully I’ll have some fun shit for you all to read whilst I’m travelling … and thanks to all those above for helping keep the site going strong while I’m away!

Time for a bit of a Sojourn … and, can I say, waking up this morning to this was probably the best start to the journey …


Oh, don’t forget to grab yourself an Invurt shirt if you haven’t got one – we’d love your support!

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For the past ten years, Fletcher Andersen (Facter) has cut his teeth writing for a variety of street press and music magazines. Drawing on his years of writing experience, and as an artist himself, Facter founded Invurt with the aim of promoting artistic events, and the established and emerging Australasian urban, street, illustrative, underground and low brow artists that partake in them. Follow him on Instagram @facter, or go like his facebook page, and check out his website, Irikanji.

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