Snapshots – The Peoples Market – Melbourne

Well, we know this one is a little late, but things have been way too hectic lately as we go into the Xmas period – apologies.

The other week we were invited to The Peoples Market grand opening – since then its been in full swing, with a huge variety of art, music and events happening down at this amazing temporary space. If you haven’t been down there just yet, then you should go and check it all out – theres something new and unique every weekend.

Dave Russell got down there whilst they were preparing for it – getting the containers in place and watching Meggs and Rone doing the amazing feature wall, and we also got a few shots from the opening, and all the artwork about the place – theres plenty of it!

If you haven’t been down there yet, you’re really missing out!


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Our man David Russell has been photographing street art and graffiti for several years. As an avid fan, and a lover of all things on walls, Dave is an active member of the crew as well as as an informative source in his position as a tour guide for the world famous Melbourne Street Art Tours. His work in capturing the art of the cities many artists and visitors is his passion, and you can see his photography both on his homepage , as well as here on Invurt.

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