Exhibition – Seasons of Change 19 – Autumn – ACM (Art Crush Mob) – Revolver

One of Invurt’s all time favourite ongoing exhibition series is back once again for Autumn 2016, this time with the Arts Crush Mob, aka ACM. The show will feature works by Bailer, Dynes, Hatch, Kid Silk, Nekm, Putos, Rews & Siege.  From the event page: “SOC is such a rad exhibition, showcasing some of Melbourne’s greatest artists and crews. I love the fact that this exhibition showcases some of Melbourne’s best artists and also gives people an opportunity to buy work from artists that sometimes do not show in galleries so often, giving people a chance to own something unique. SOC also shows an ongoing commitment

Exhibition – “Kioku – Flashback Memeories” By Goma – Backwoods Gallery

This looks to be a great show, Im looking forward to this one see you guys at Backwoods Gallery.   In his youth, the Tokyo born Goma traveled to the Northern Territory in order to study the didgeridoo under master Djalu Gurruwiwii. During his stay, Goma lived with the Yolngu people and was adopted into the Galpu clan. Under the tutelage of Djalu, Goma became the first non-indigenous person to win the Northern Land Council prize at the Barunga didgeridoo competition. Upon returning to Tokyo, Goma founded the Jungle Rhythm Section, a highly respected musical outfit which blends Jungle and

Exhibition – We Need A Myth – Erin Greer – Off The Kerb Gallery

Get along this Friday night to another art filled night at Off The Kerb Gallery, brought by the amazing Shini, this is one amazing person doing great things for Local and interstate artists for the past 9 years. Get down and support Erin Greer with her show called “We Need A Myth”, also check out the other artists showing in the other rooms. Fables instruct, myths ignite the imagination and dreams form the template of our ever shifting reality. The stories we tell teach us to interpret our world. They can, quite literally, shape the world around us. There is

Through The Lens – January 2016 – David Russell Photography

Welcome back to my series of photos capturing Melbourne’s amazing Graffiti and Street art culture, documenting artists, walls, galleries and everything in between. I’m really looking forward to what this year brings, so join me for another year of Through The Lens and see what Melburn Has to offer the world. Till next month where I will bring you a fresh batch of dope walls. More Cool Shit: Snapshots – JAWS @ The Big Bus Snapshots – Bianca Stolar & Sam Fagan &#… Live Art & Event – Secret Walls Melbourn… MSA Top Ten – September 2011

deansunshine_landofsunshine_melbourne_streetart_graffiti_invurt top ten 56 9 nost 9

Sunshines Top 10 – January 2016

Well, the new year is in full swing and 2016 holds a whole bunch of cool shit to come – we’re working on a new project here for the website, which will be released sometime in February, so stay tuned! In the meantime, here is Dean Sunshines monthly Top 10 of all the cool shit hes seen of Melbourne street art and graffiti – check it all out below and enjoy! 1. Findac – Brighton 2. Putos – Fitzroy 3. Kaffeine – Fitzroy 4. Shem – Melbourne 5. Damien Mitchell – Brunswick 6. Jimmy C – Collingwood 7. Skream – Fitzroy

Snapshots – Abyss 607 – Guardians Of The Threshold – Off The Kerb Gallery

For those of you who live Northside will be familiar with Abyss 607 and his work, with his unmistakable style adorning Melbourne’s walls, doors , footpaths and even trackside, his work is everywhere. If I can use one word to sum up his show it would be “WOW”, I was super impressed and surprised to say the least, well done Abyss 607, the exhibition space had a serious case of the measles, virtually every piece had a red sold sticker on it. For those of you who could not make it, here are a bunch of pics I took. More


Exhibition – Observance – Ryan Boserio – Melbourne

This is a show I’ve been waiting to see for a damn long time. Since moving to Melbourne from Perth a couple of years ago, Ryan Boserio has constantly worked on progressing his fantastical, surrealistic scifi infused imagery. Over this time his pieces that have popped up in both solo shows in Perth as well as group shows here in Melbourne (with the odd wall popping up here and there), all of which have hinted at a body of work that looks to have been realised with Observance – and damn, I’m fkn excited to see it all. Read on

Exhibition – Guardians Of The Threshold – Abyss 607 – Off The Kerb Gallery

Guardians Of The Threshold Abyss 607 Guardians of the Threshold is a glance into the mythological realms of Abyss 607. The Guardians, also known as the Seers are the deities that look over these dimensions and the ones that conceal the secrets within. The show primarily focuses on the di- vinely archaic forms of the Seers and their engagement within these realms. Abyss 607 is self taught and started painting and drawing the glyph in- spired Seers within the streets of Can- berra from 2009 and has since spent the last two years residing in and inspiring. Who: Abyss 607 What: Guardians

Through The Lens – A Look Back On 2015

Here are 65 images I think sum up 2015 pretty well, having said that I’m really looking forward to what 2016 has install so see you guys soon. More Cool Shit: Arty Graffartis Top 10 – November Sunshines Top 10 – May 2015 Snapshots & Video – Heesco – Pure … Sunshines Top 10 – November 2012

deansunshine_landofsunshine_melbourne_streetart_graffiti_invurt top ten 55 10 Bailer Adsnate 10

Sunshines Top 10 – December 2015

It’s been a fairly cruisey year for us here at Invurt, with me up in Singapore a lot and general life-things-busy, it’s great to end the year in a high note, and what better way than with a bunch if photos from Dean Sunshine of all the grand shit he has seen over December? Check them all out below, and have a great Xmas and New Years – and stay tuned, we have some big things and exciting projects in store for 2016 when we’ll be ramping up thing here on the site again! 1. Adnate + Kaffeine – StKilda

Exhibition – Secret Walls Battle Royale – aMBUSH Gallery – Sydney

Damn, this looks grand! We’re huge fans of Secret Walls, so when we saw this we wondered why the hell we hadn’t seen it done before – so much talent, so much battle, so much great art going up on the walls of aMBUSH Gallery again.

"Considered the premiere live art event the world over, Secret Walls Australia is now in its fifth series and this November, Sydney will be treated to a peek behind enemy lines with the first ever Secret Walls Group Show.

Opening on Thursday 22 November, the show comprises work from all eight artists of Secret Walls Series 5. Taking their inspiration from classic Battle Royale theme, APESEVEN, BEN BROWN, DALE BIGENI, LUKE OKAY, PUDLER, SINDY SINN, TEEM and VEKS have each developed an A2 artwork thatboasts their iconic styles and enviable skills in graffiti, street art and illustration based art.

Hand printed by Aisle6ix Industries, a limited run of 20 signed and numbered “Battle Royale” prints from each artist and works by the eight artists, unconstrained by concept, scale and media will be available for sale. The Secret Walls Group Show one night only Thursday 22 November 6-9pm. All exhibited works are available for sale, and the show is proudly supported by aMBUSH Gallery, Aisle6ix Industries, Little Creatures Bright Ale, Pipsqueak Cider, Monorex, Oxford Art Factory and The Sydney Art Store."

We won’t lie, we would have loved to have seen this for the Melbourne SW crew as well – but we know it’s only a matter of time (we hope!). We’ll definitely be waiting in wrapt anticipation to see all the photos from the night.

Head down there Sydneysiders, this is another grand show from people who know how to put on some of the best we’ve seen.


Who: Apeseven, Ben Brown, Dale Bigeni, Luke OKAY, PUDLER, Sindy Sinn, TEEM and VEKS
What: Secret Walls Battle Royale group show
Where: aMBUSH Gallery, 4 James Street, Waterloo NSW
When: Show opens Thursday 22nd November from 6pm til 9pm

Check out aMBUSH Gallery, Secret Walls Australia and the facebook event page for more info.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/fluffybits Shannon McKinnon

    Hey Fletch, thanks for the awesome write up, we definitely will be putting together group show’s for all future SW events in Melbourne. Simply a matter of time, don’t fear Melbourne won’t miss out!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/facter Fletcher Acton Andersen

      thats grand, I didn’t doubt it! I’m constantly surprised at how much you get done – you’re a powerhouse of cool shit. Keep it up mate, we all love it :)