Thursday Transmissions – Semi, Stumble & Sleep

We didn’t put up a Transmissions last week, because, well, there was bugger all! In future if there’s not much on that week, we have a great idea we’ll be putting into practice … just so you get your fix!

For this week, without further ado …


(Image via Sam Evans)

First up is an awesome Sam Evans video of his trip over to to Portugal – this is a really great interview with the artist, and a great look at his work.

Check out the just released and very damn nice preview for Matt Adnates show at RTIST Gallery next month. Can’t wait for this.

Ryan McGennisken and Hollie M Kelley have their show on this Friday, and here’s a cool preview from it! All kinds of deliciousness in this.

This is nice little time lapse that Bec Winnel did for her Semi Permanent talk, seeing peoples process is always awesome.

Of course, to end the day, here’s the Banksy thing that happened last week … it would have been nice for the news outlets to have mentioned that the Shem piece is going to get knocked out as well, and not misquote certain statements…  it’s funny how the media latches on to these things, but, no, I’m not going to get started and I’ll save my diatribe some other time. Whatever you might think of it, at least it started a conversation.

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