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Sunshines Top 10 Melbourne Street Art & Graffiiti – March 2017

Well, we’re really late on this one, and my apologies for that, its been a busy month! Once again, we have Dean Sunshine providing us with monthly pick of all the great and grand work that has gone up around the walls of Melbourne, and this month is no exception. Always nice to see familiar names, but even better ot see some newer ones that have started to pop up – we’re especially loving the work of Julian Clavijio and Welin in recent months. Check it all out below! 1. Shida – Sunshine Lane, Brunswick 2. Stormie Mills – Prahran

Through The Lens March 2017 – David Russell Photography

March has passed by leaving some pretty fresh art on the streets of Melbourne once again, the standout for me would definitely be the work of Rone in the now demolished Fairfield paper mills. The big Sinch tag rates as one of my favourites as well go big or go home as they say, also see some new works by Heesco, Choq,  Jason Parkers lovely portrait of Juddy Roller artist Goodie at Off The Kerb Gallery. Stay tuned for next month as Im going to the Benalla Street art festival over three days, this looks to be the biggest one

Snapshots – The Light In Us – Isolde – Off The Kerb Gallery

Congratulations to Isolde on her first solo exhibition at the iconic Off The Kerb gallery in Collingwood, run by the ever busy and beautiful Shini. I would have to say the work of Isolde would definitely be some of my favourite paste ups I have seen on the streets of Melbourne, in her many art covered lanes. Isolde’s work always stood out, her powerful images amongst the rust and ruin of some grungy laneway, this is where her work shines. For those that couldn’t make it down to Off The Kerb, I managed to garb some photos while having my

Sunshines Top 10 Melbourne Graffiti & Street Art – February 2017

Well, by now you know the drill! After several years, each time we do one of Dean Sunshines Top 10s of Melbourne street art and graffiti, we see work that is even better and better hitting our streets. This time around, he’s pulled some fantastic pieces together for this one, and looking through it .. well, all I can say is that I really love Melbourne summers!! Check them all out below!! 1. Vexta + ELLE – Collingwood 2. Kaffeine – North melbourne 3. Lucy Lucy + Ola Volo – Fitzroy 4. Ling – Collingwood 5. Phibs – Fitzroy  6.

Snapshots – Make Your Self At Home – GOODIE – Juddy Roller

Congratulation to my good friend and all round beautiful soul “GOODIE”, as she put up her first solo show at Juddy Roller a few weeks back. I feel these works gave you a little insight in to the mind of the artist, you always take a risk when you expose yourself like this, I think she executed it well. It’s always refreshing to see what the artists come up with in the Juddy Roller space, especially when there is and has been so much talent pass through those doors. So for those that couldn’t make it to the show here

Through The Lens February 2017 – David Russell Photography

Welcome again to another look back at some of the amazing art by some very talented Melbourne artists, who consistently keep churning out some impressive works of art. Im always impressed at the constantly evolving styles especially by the graffiti community, forever pushing their craft to new heights. Melbourne also has a great line up of exhibitions usually every week there is something on, sometimes up to 3-4 shows in one night, with galleries like Backwoods, BSIDE, Juddy Roller and Off The Kerb just to name a few. Oh well guys until next month stay cool and get out and

Sunshines Top 10 Melbourne Graffiti & Street Art – January 2017

Well, its the new year, and it’s already February! How did that time pass so quickly? As always, we have another collection this month from the man himself, Dean Sunshine, of all the rad work he’s seen up on Melbournes walls in the past month. For a while bunch of cool shit, just check it out below – already looking forward to next months set! 1. SHIDA – Melbourne 2. DSCREET – Collingwood 3. CAPTAIN KRIS – Sunshine Lane, Brunswick 4. CARATOES & JARUS – Coburg 5. RONE – Coburg 6. MAYONAIZE – Fitzroy 7. VEXTA & ELLE – Melbourne

Through The Lens January 2017- David Russell Photography

Welcome to 2017 and my first Through The Lens post of the year, I thought what better than to start the year with a dope selection of  some of Melbourne’s finest graffiti. This year already looks to be an amazing year of street art and graffiti, I can’t wait to capture it with my lens and share it with the rest of the world. I already know of some pretty talented artists from around the globe who will be staining our streets with some pretty amazing aerosol art, you will just have to wait and see what is coming up

Sunshines Melbourne Street Art & Graffiti Top 10 – December 2016

… and we’re back! First post of the year, and what better way to start everything off than with Dean Sunshines picks of all that was rad and cool for the final month of last year, December! This is the 69th edition of Deans Top 10, and this one is just as great as all the rest – lots of talent on display, as we have come to expect every month from the man .. take a look below and check it out! 1. Lush – Sunshine Lane, Brunswick 2. Senekt – Sunshine Lane, Brunswick 3. Caper – Lanes End,

Through The Lens November 2016 – David Russell Photography

The year is almost over and here we are once again showing you just some of the dope art that went down in the month of November. My favourite piece would have to be Mayo’s addition to the floor at the old lyric theatre where Rone had his exhibition. I am a big fan of Mayo’s work seeing it on this scale was epic and had to be seen to really appreciate the way he executed it. There aren’t too many pics from November so I will make up for a bumper addition next month, so till then stay cool

Event – There’s More – Melbourne

You might have seen it by now, but here is the full press release! We’re teaming up with the guys at Cocoa Jackson Studios in Brunswick (check out our visit to the studio here), and a whole bunch of other amazing people to put on a grand ‘ol four day event showcasing some of the Melbourne street art and other best creatively talented communities – and we want you all to come! So, without further ado …

The good folk at Cocoa Jackson Studios, in conjunction with: Invurt magazine, Joske Films, Online Clubber, Big Air, SEAR, Dave – Diverse Audio Visual, Land of Sunshine, Jaqueline-Gwynne.com, Ruby Cube Street Art, Resolution-X, Punk Milk TV, Philthosophy.com  and M.P. Fikaris present …

crest logo

“There’s More!” comprises four huge days and nights of open house street art, great music, indie films, art workshops, silent auction, community participation, walls,  projections, live painting, paste-ups, stickers, market stalls, side shows and DJs – all of it streamed live from Brunswick, Victoria for the whole world to see.

‘There’s More!’ will feature a small army of over 80 world-class artists, DJs, tech heads and craftivists collaborating over four full days to transform Brunswicks Cocoa Jackson Studios into one giant, interactive art experiment!

Thursday 22nd March – 6PM – Opening Night –  ‘…There’s More!’ Projections, swticker wall with Ruskidd and Semko, paste-ups, BBQ and Gallery Exhibition – 6PM til late (free).

Friday 23rd March – 6PM – Film night – Australian premiere of ‘Children of the Iron Horse’ doors open 5PM, feature screens: 7PM. Stop motion, shorts, ‘Kaos in King Street’; ‘Writer’s Bench’ sneak preview and E.L.K.’s short listed Tropfest entry featuring Fr Bob Maguire.

Tix online at http://cocoajacksonstudios.eventbrite.com.au/ and at the door: $10

Saturday 24th March – 11AM to 6pm – DIY Street art, open studios, live paintings, stickers, paste ups and streaming. Massive wall jam and Punk Milk TV filming live!

Sunday 25th March – 1 PM – 6pm Chill out day:  Market stalls, BBQ and vintage side show alley. More art than you can poke a digital camera at!

Weekend events will be live streamed over the internet – courtesy of Online Clubber and Big Air wifi internet – so have a go, paint-up, paste-up, stick-up or just watch and wonder.

Bring your camera, load up your vids and pics and see some of the country’s best! Check out the full lineups and detailed run down of all the nights below …


Opening Night – Projections & Exhibition – Thursday 22nd March – 6pm til Late – FREE!

Head on down on opening night to celebrate the start of ‘…There’s More!’ Check out the There’s More! exhibition, silent auction and projections.

Confirmed artists include:  23rd Key, Aida Sabic, Amy Bugeja, Bailer, Cam Scale, Dash, Daisy, E.L.K., Facter, Floh, Ishk, Jack Douglas, Jacqueline Gwynne, Jianna Lucia, Junky Projects, Kaff-eine, Kaitlin Beckett, Ladie Bananas, Ladie Poise, Maidn, Nicole Tattersall, Porno, Presto, Braddock, Rachee Renee, Rebecca Murphy, Rena Littleson, Ruskidd, Sabeth, Same Same, Sear, Semko, Snotrag, Stopem, Tokyo Crash Hat, Vidad Narayan, Al McGregor and more to be announced!
Exhibition pieces for sale to the highest silent bidder on Sunday 25 March at 7PM.


Film Night – Friday 23rd March – 5PM til late – Tickets Available

Friday night ‘…Theres More!’ Film Festival. An eclectic audio visual feast brought to you by Joske Films, exploring Melbourne graffiti and street art through the moving image. Films by Australian and international directors. A wide range of genres, styles, lengths and stories relating to street, graffiti and underground art in the capital of street art… Melbourne!

The main course includes the long awaited world premiere of “Children of the Iron Snake”  by South African dector and  Melbourne street art freak, Alexander McBeth; the Victorian premiere of “Kaos in King Street” by LC Beats,  Archibald finalist E.L.K.’s shortlisted Tropfest entry ‘Me -We’ and a preview edition of ‘Writer’s Bench’ as well as a veritable swag full of short films!

Limited seating, so be early or bring yourself a rug or pillow. Tickets are available online at http://cocoajacksonstudios.eventbrite.com.au/, or on the door.

Refreshments available. Fully licenced event. Doors open 5pm. Feature screen time 7PM.

DIY Street Art Paint Up, Paste up and Sticker up – Saturday 24th March – FREE!

Saturday’s live streamed DIY Street Art event will be a massive paint up of the Cocoa Jackson Studio inside and outside. Over 80 writers working from 10am til late on the studios and feature walls around Cocoa Jackson Lane. Filmed by Punk Milk TV, documented by the Invurt crew; streamed by Online Clubber and pics and vids loaded up by you, via our free wi-fi link! All writers, all styles and the chance to learn from the experts at two free workshops. Plus there will also be a sculpture park and BBQ!

The pasteups & stickers section will be a big collaboration of stickers and posters from artists all over the world who have sent their awesome work in. Visitors may also put their own stickers up as they please. Some of the artists in this collaboration include: Semko, Rus Kidd, Ma Rose, Beastman, Above, Kora, Kaff-eine, Phoenix, Kach, Poyse, Barek, Shirio Usagi, Jo-Jo Spins, Kris Davie, Livid, Facter, Kiwie, RX skulls and many,  many more.

The main feature will comprise of a huge, co-ordinated painting event that will run all day.

There will be over 80 world class artists participating in this painting session, including: 23rd Key, 2cool, Adnate, Aida Sabic, Aksis, Ape Seven, Askm, Bados Earthling, Bailer, Braddock, Cam Scale, Chalk, Choq (fr), Civil, Damagician Wso, Dash, Deams, Demon, Dice, Disasther, The Doctor, Dosa, Drew Funk, Duke, Dvate, E.L.K, Eleven, Erin Greer, Ethics, Facter, Give, Gwan, Haha, Heesco, Hightower, HTD, Irkle, Isis, Itch, Jack Douglas, Jest, Jianna Lucia, Joske, Junky Projects, Kach Domino, Kaff-eine, Kaitlin Becket, Kid Zoom, Klara, Komps, Les Lighter, Link, Maidn, Marine, Mups, Mysterious Al (UK), Nicole Tattersall, Nelio, Ollies, Orio, Peach, Philthy, Phoenix, Pierre Lloga, Porno, Presto, Quiz, Race, Rachee Renee, Rad11, Rena Littleson, Reset, Ruskidd, S-701a , Sabeth, Same Same, Sear, Semko, Serve, Sew, Sk, Skallywag, Skies, Skorch, Slicer, Snotrag, Stopem, Swiss, Tilter, Turke (Italy), Unwell Bunny, Views (Z-bomb), Yasemin Sabuncu, and many more!

All day DJs and MCs playing blissful party tunes, with  luminaries performing such as Presto (Revolver), Craig James (Online Clubber), Steph Yeah (Online Clubber), Starma (Invurt), Naps, DJ PCP, 2 Cool Tony and more!

Market stalls, side shows, chill out & DIY art – Sunday 25th March

Local art, craft, toys, vintage side show and workshops with world class artists. DJs, recovery and wind down from 10am til sundown. Silent auction finishes today!

Markets start at 11am and finish at 6pm.

Places are still available for the market stall day – if you want to set up a spot to sell your wares, please contact [email protected]!

Live Streaming via Online Clubber

For those of you who don’t live in Melbourne and are unable to attend this event, don’t worry, we have you covered!

Throughout the event we will be streaming audio and HD video of the main events with the assistance of the good folk over at OnlineClubber. You can access this link on the day via the Cocoa Jackson website, the Invurt.com website as well as the Onlineclubber website – just hit the link and tune in!

About Cocoa Jackson Studios

Cocoa Jackson Studios is a creative space in Brunswick, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria. Named after the laneway on which it resides,CJS is named after respected Moreland identity, West Indian Peter “Cocoa” Jackson, an Australian heavy weight boxing champion who lived in Edward Street, Brunswick from 1930 to 1979.

Cocoa Jackson Studios specialise in street art: street art workshops, sales, exhibitions, repairs, walls and production. Oh. And holding cool events, such as ‘…There’s More!’

Check out a small review of Cocoa Jackons at Invurt with and a  bunch of photos of the pre-There’s More! studios!

DIRECTIONS: Cocoa Jackson Studios is on the corner of Cocoa Jackson Lane and Warburton Street in Brunswick. Catch the No. 1 or the No. 8 tram down Lygon Street. Get out at the Quarry Hotel. Follow the blue stone down Cocoa Jackson Lane to the unmistakable ruby cube on the right hand side – Cocoa Jackson Studios.


For more information go to: www.facebook.com/cocoajacksonstudios

RSVP at the facebook event page –

Email [email protected] for any further enquiries on the event.

With special thanks to the sponsors:

Invurt Magazine – http://www.invurt.com
Joske Films – http://joskefilms.blogspot.com.au/
Online Clubber –
Big Air Wireless internet – http://www.Bigair.com.au
Land of Sunshine: www.deansunshine.com
Jackie Gwynne:
Diverse Audio Visual : http://diverseav.com.au/
Searious Jones: http://searious.wordpress.com/
Philthosophy: www.philthosophy.com

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