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Sunshines Melbourne Streetart & Graffiti Top 10 – October 2017

Ahh October was a good month around the traps!! We are late on this as well, but Dean never stops haha … as the last month before we start coing into spring and summer fully, October always sees a lot more people getting out to do stuff – so check ut all the great shit below!! 1. Shida – Fitzroy  2. Porn + JME – Richmond 3. LOV3 – South Yarra 4. DVATE – Collingwood 5. Lucy Lucy, D’Nart, Mini One – Preston 6. Putos – Fitzroy 7. Senekt – Abbotsford 8. Sugar – South Yarra 9. Heesco – Docklands

Sunshines Top 10 Melbourne Streetart & Graffiti – September 2017

September passed a while ago. In between travel and work, Ive let things slide a bit here on the site, but its never too late to get these up – sorry Deano!  Check out all the great shit Dean saw on our streets over September below!! 1. DVATE + AWES – Richmond 2. BAILER + AWES- Port Melbourne 3. LING – Melbourne 4. N2O – Hosier Lane 5. PUTOS – Brunswick 6. SHIDA – Yarraville 7. SHEM – Hosier Lane 8. DVATE – Brunswick 9. HEESCO – Brunswick 10. SENEKT – Abbotsford 

Sunshines Top 10 Melbourne Streetart & Graffiti – August 2017

Oh shit. Okay, this is completely and utterly my ownfault that this is so late – Ive been so busy getting ready to go and launch Irikanji over at Taipei Toy Festival that so much has slipped on the blog lately! Busy as he always is  these days, Dean Sunshine though, didnt forget! He’s given us such a great bunch of pics this month as well, and I’m pretty stoked to see his selection!!! Check them all out below! 1. Makatron + Itch – brunswick 2. Jack Douglas – Sunshine Lane, Brunswick 3. AWES – Brunswick 4. Bailer + Ling – Collingwood

Sunshines Top 10 Melbourne Street Art & Graffiti – July 2017

Another month rolls by, and I dont know about you but the cold weather lately has been really making me wish for summer to come as soon as it can! The cold doesnt stop the painting though, and this time around Dean Sunshine has ten great shots of some of the cool shit that has been sprayed and smashed up on the walls of Melbourne this month! Check them all out below, and enjoy!! 1. ELK – stkilda 2. SAGE – Brunswick 3. FACTER – Windsor 4. KID SILK + PUTOS Hosier Lane 5. CELOUT – CBD, Melbourne 6. RONE

Sunshines Melbourne Graffiti & Street Art Top 10 – June 2017

Again and again, every month Mr Dean Sunshine brings us all the cool shit that has happened on the walls of our fair city. This month brings a whole slew of cool stuff, from Makatron to Dosey, Scale and Porn and everything else thats grand in this lineup of works! Check them all out below, we’ll have more for you next month, of course! 1. Julian Clavijo – Brunswick 2. Makatron – South Yarra 3. Deams – Clifton Hill 4. Senekt – Clifton Hill 5. Porn – Fitzroy  6. Al Stark – Melbourne 7. Dosey + Sugar – Sunshine lane,

Snapshots – OBEY – Shepard Fairey – Vivid – Sydney

Our man Dean Sunshine was up in Sydney last week to cehck out Vivid Sydney – specifically, he was taking a bit of time checking out the Shepherd Fairey exhibition, Printed Matters, and mural that he was painting as a part of the event. This was a bit of the blurb from the show: “Iconic American artist Shepard Fairey blurs the boundaries of art and design. His unique style is instantly recognised in exhibitions and walls around the world. His body of work includes the OBEY GIANT art project, the Barak Obama HOPE campaign, and this year’s ubiquitous ‘We The

Sunshines Top 10 Melbourne Street Art & Graffiti – May 2017

Winter is here, but that has not stopped the paint from going up on the walls. Braving the chilling conditions, our intrepid Dean Sunshine has, once again, sought out all his favourite pieces that have been painted on the streets of Melbourne! Theres a mighty fine selection this month, so check them all out below! 1. ELLE – St.Kilda 2. HA HA – Brunswick 3. LOV3 – Collingwood  4. Resio – Clifton Hill 5. Be Free – Northcote  6. Crisp – Hosier Lane, Melbourne  7. Heesco – Windsor 8. Steve Cross – Melbourne  9. JME NACK SICK BAFLE – Clifton Hill 10.

VR Snapshots – Immersive Media Lounge – State Library of Victoria

A few weeks ago Invurt was involved in creating the Immersive Media Lounge at Melbourne Knowledge Week 2017, hosted at the State Library of Victoria. The event was an awesome success with hundreds of people coming through the doors across the week, and some very cool artwork being created. I was pretty impressed with what the artists came up with (Senekt, Facter, Conrad Bizjak and RASHEE).  Invurt and Phoria had the HTC Vive rocking Google Tilt Brush against a Green screen – Hollywood Styles, resulting in  a mixed reality display combining what the artist was doing against the world they

Video – Wall To Wall Festival 2017 – Benalla

Another Wall To Wall has been and gone, but they’re got the video out, and it looks totally rad! “The Wall to Wall Festival is the largest regional street art festival in Australia. And also one of the most innovative community development initiatives on a national level. This year it hosted 35 internationally acclaimed artists from Australia and around the world, and attracted thousands of curious participants and observers from near and far. It’s changing the face of Benalla, one wall at a time. And changing a whole community’s identity, while it’s at it. ” Man, it’d be great to

Sunshines Top 10 Melbourne Street Art and Graffiti – April 2017

Okay, here we go yet again (and again, can you believe this is No. 73? Jeezus) with Dean Sunshines picks for all the cool shit he saw around our city this month, and its a pretty nice colleciton indeed with everything from Lush and Dvate, to Love and relative newcomer Welin (who keeps getting up all over the place).   Check out all the rad images below if you know whats grand!     1. Lucy Lucy – Preston 2. Frosk, Facter, Keomatch, – Richmond  3. Ling – Preston 4. Lush – Brunswick 5. Awes – Melbourne  6. Arcy –

News – Invurt Logo Competition

Well, its about time we got ourselves a logo to put on the site, on our cards, on flyers, on pretty much anything we need it for– so, heres the details for our little comp …

$250 Prize money

  • Competition deadline is December 30th, 11:59:59pm
  • As many entries per person as you’d like.
  • In terms of the logo, we’re not just looking for text – we’d love to have some kind of icon to work with.
  • Simple simple simple! We love detail, but simple is better for this stuff, as any of you designers know ..
  • Use the colour scheme from this site – its gotta fit in, and we like these colours!
  • Winning entry has to be provided in a print-ready format (vector – eps, illustrator, pdf etc) with any transparencies intact etc, all ready for resizing and print jobs
  • Send your entries to the name of this site at with the subject title “Invurt Logo Comp”– please, no emails over 10 megs, thanks! Lower res jpgs will do just fine for now!
  • Things we love that would be cool themes to use: futurism, robots, dinosaurs, street & urban art, scifi, upside down shit, superheroes, otters, booze and girls!

We’ll be using the logo for everything that we do in the future, anything we send out, any press, any events we work with … and your name will be attached to it, and prominently linked to from this site.  The top five logos will be posted when we announce the winner, with a write up on each of the artists – and we’d love to do a feature interview on the artist who wins … sure, we know the prize money isn’t a huge amount, comparatively, and I have no idea if its enough to get a lot of response – but its maybe a little bit of extra cash that we’d hope we can get to you after new years to make up for that hole in your bank account from boozing it up over the break …

Why we need a logo …

We’ve had a pretty cool almost-first year so far here. We hit over 100,000 page views a month a while ago, and we’re on track to hit 1 million pages this year by the end of December – not huge compared to others sites I’m sure, but, I mean, wow – thankyou so much – that’s kinda an awesome milestone for all the slogging and putting so much personal time into this thing – its amazing that others get as much out of all of this as I do, and its amazing how welcoming and supportive everyone has been in the past year.

Anyways, we’re going to be working on some cool projects through 2011 – our biggest ethos here is to give back as much as we can, and offering as much support we can for all the artists, galleries and crews involved in doing this stuff – so in order to ramp things up a little more, well, its about time we branded this shit up, don’t ya think? So, I’m going to dig into my pocket after new years and put up a small amount, and do a call out for entries for a logo for the site …

We’d love your support, we’d love your entries, but mostly, we just love that you enjoy reading us – again, thanks. If you have any questions, just add them to the comments, or email us at the name of this site at or contact us!

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