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Video – Wall To Wall Festival 2017 – Benalla

Another Wall To Wall has been and gone, but they’re got the video out, and it looks totally rad! “The Wall to Wall Festival is the largest regional street art festival in Australia. And also one of the most innovative community development initiatives on a national level. This year it hosted 35 internationally acclaimed artists from Australia and around the world, and attracted thousands of curious participants and observers from near and far. It’s changing the face of Benalla, one wall at a time. And changing a whole community’s identity, while it’s at it. ” Man, it’d be great to

Sunshines Top 10 Melbourne Street Art and Graffiti – April 2017

Okay, here we go yet again (and again, can you believe this is No. 73? Jeezus) with Dean Sunshines picks for all the cool shit he saw around our city this month, and its a pretty nice colleciton indeed with everything from Lush and Dvate, to Love and relative newcomer Welin (who keeps getting up all over the place).   Check out all the rad images below if you know whats grand!     1. Lucy Lucy – Preston 2. Frosk, Facter, Keomatch, – Richmond  3. Ling – Preston 4. Lush – Brunswick 5. Awes – Melbourne  6. Arcy –

Sunshines Top 10 Melbourne Street Art & Graffiiti – March 2017

Well, we’re really late on this one, and my apologies for that, its been a busy month! Once again, we have Dean Sunshine providing us with monthly pick of all the great and grand work that has gone up around the walls of Melbourne, and this month is no exception. Always nice to see familiar names, but even better ot see some newer ones that have started to pop up – we’re especially loving the work of Julian Clavijio and Welin in recent months. Check it all out below! 1. Shida – Sunshine Lane, Brunswick 2. Stormie Mills – Prahran

Through The Lens March 2017 – David Russell Photography

March has passed by leaving some pretty fresh art on the streets of Melbourne once again, the standout for me would definitely be the work of Rone in the now demolished Fairfield paper mills. The big Sinch tag rates as one of my favourites as well go big or go home as they say, also see some new works by Heesco, Choq,  Jason Parkers lovely portrait of Juddy Roller artist Goodie at Off The Kerb Gallery. Stay tuned for next month as Im going to the Benalla Street art festival over three days, this looks to be the biggest one

Snapshots – The Light In Us – Isolde – Off The Kerb Gallery

Congratulations to Isolde on her first solo exhibition at the iconic Off The Kerb gallery in Collingwood, run by the ever busy and beautiful Shini. I would have to say the work of Isolde would definitely be some of my favourite paste ups I have seen on the streets of Melbourne, in her many art covered lanes. Isolde’s work always stood out, her powerful images amongst the rust and ruin of some grungy laneway, this is where her work shines. For those that couldn’t make it down to Off The Kerb, I managed to garb some photos while having my

Sunshines Top 10 Melbourne Graffiti & Street Art – February 2017

Well, by now you know the drill! After several years, each time we do one of Dean Sunshines Top 10s of Melbourne street art and graffiti, we see work that is even better and better hitting our streets. This time around, he’s pulled some fantastic pieces together for this one, and looking through it .. well, all I can say is that I really love Melbourne summers!! Check them all out below!! 1. Vexta + ELLE – Collingwood 2. Kaffeine – North melbourne 3. Lucy Lucy + Ola Volo – Fitzroy 4. Ling – Collingwood 5. Phibs – Fitzroy  6.

Snapshots – Make Your Self At Home – GOODIE – Juddy Roller

Congratulation to my good friend and all round beautiful soul “GOODIE”, as she put up her first solo show at Juddy Roller a few weeks back. I feel these works gave you a little insight in to the mind of the artist, you always take a risk when you expose yourself like this, I think she executed it well. It’s always refreshing to see what the artists come up with in the Juddy Roller space, especially when there is and has been so much talent pass through those doors. So for those that couldn’t make it to the show here

Through The Lens February 2017 – David Russell Photography

Welcome again to another look back at some of the amazing art by some very talented Melbourne artists, who consistently keep churning out some impressive works of art. Im always impressed at the constantly evolving styles especially by the graffiti community, forever pushing their craft to new heights. Melbourne also has a great line up of exhibitions usually every week there is something on, sometimes up to 3-4 shows in one night, with galleries like Backwoods, BSIDE, Juddy Roller and Off The Kerb just to name a few. Oh well guys until next month stay cool and get out and

Sunshines Top 10 Melbourne Graffiti & Street Art – January 2017

Well, its the new year, and it’s already February! How did that time pass so quickly? As always, we have another collection this month from the man himself, Dean Sunshine, of all the rad work he’s seen up on Melbournes walls in the past month. For a while bunch of cool shit, just check it out below – already looking forward to next months set! 1. SHIDA – Melbourne 2. DSCREET – Collingwood 3. CAPTAIN KRIS – Sunshine Lane, Brunswick 4. CARATOES & JARUS – Coburg 5. RONE – Coburg 6. MAYONAIZE – Fitzroy 7. VEXTA & ELLE – Melbourne

Through The Lens January 2017- David Russell Photography

Welcome to 2017 and my first Through The Lens post of the year, I thought what better than to start the year with a dope selection of  some of Melbourne’s finest graffiti. This year already looks to be an amazing year of street art and graffiti, I can’t wait to capture it with my lens and share it with the rest of the world. I already know of some pretty talented artists from around the globe who will be staining our streets with some pretty amazing aerosol art, you will just have to wait and see what is coming up

Friday Wrap – Busy, busy, busy … again!

Once again its been a busy week in the lead up to the xmas season – some last shows all over for different galleries, and a whole bunch of different events going on.

This week we did a mini review of three shows, the A3 Small Art Show, that opened last week to a packed out For Walls Gallery (go check out the facebook page for a catalogue of all the work, and the pieces that haven’t sold yet – its for charity!), Cardbordia and Toy To The World. We also did a great interview with the talented Max Berry, and we also managed to grab some great words with Urban Cake Lady.

Anyways, here’s a rundown of all the cool stuff you can go see over the weekend …


  • Tiger Translate on on Sunday. We posted about this earlier in the week, and since then we’ve been able to get a really good overview of whats going on. A whole bunch of artists, great music, a competition worth checking out – if its not too late, and they have any spots left, sign up to their facebook page and keep an eye out for any entry places left – can safely say that it wont disappoint.
  • Some friends and I opened up Cardbordia week, great crowd at the opening – but beyond that, it was just a fun show to put together and, imho, worth a look to just check out the crazy we created!
  • Kami & Sasu’s Omni is still on at Backwoods gallery – this also opened last Friday – really looks amazing – its a must see show.
  • about:blank also opened last Friday at Paradise Hills – a show with a difference, low brow meets high tech – they’re going all out to bring us different and interesting shows.
  • As I mentioned earlier, the A3 Small Art Show is still on at For Walls Gallery – go, go, go.
  • Short, Sharp & Sweet opened up on Thursday night– a melding of graff, pop and comic imagery, this one looks great.
  • Scottie “Bonsai” Neohs show Birds On Oak is still on at the No Vacancy project space at Fed Square til early December



  • The group show, Paper Tales, opened at Nine Lives Gallery this week.
  • Spare Parts, at the Brisbane Powerhouse, is still on until the 5th of December.


  • The good folks from Metro Gallery have taken a show, Exterior Motives, up to the ACT to coincide with the NGA’s Space Invaders show – check it out.


  • If you’re there, you already know about it – there is a whole bunch of street art related stuff going on at the Beaufort St Festival this weekend – we didn’t get a chance to cover it, we were way too busy this week, but you can check out some of the cool stuff going at the festival over at our friends ArtistsWA

Other bits and pieces

  • Curvy and Muscle up have been having their release shows! Grab a copy of it as soon as you can.
  • Loved this new piece from Makatron – crazy cat cool.
  • Cool Kami & Sasu print available at Nice Produce – also check out some pics of their opening night.
  • Reka has a feature in the latest Hi Fructose magazine – great to see a local artist getting himself featured in one of our favourite mags! Go get a copy.

That’s pretty much all we have time to get to today .. again, if we’ve missed anything, just let us know.


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